Last Thursday I was sitting at my desk when it happened. I started to feel cold, achy, and worst of all, sneezing. When I sneeze in the winter time, multiple times, it means I’m coming down with a cold or I just ran around a dusty room in circles. Since I don’t do the latter very often, I knew I was coming down with a cold. As the day progressed, I just felt worse. When I finally got to my moms to have dinner, all I could think about was sleep.

I woke up friday with a pounding headache, a dry fire roasted throat and homicidal thoughts. Okay, a little dramatic. I worked from home and tried to rest as much as possible. I took Nyquil and slept for almost 14 hours into Saturday. My guy was working over time and I had to dog site (My brother bought a Great Dane puppy!!). After that, I hung out with my guy before he went out with his friends, and again, slept another 11-12 hours. It felt amazing. I did feel somewhat better Sunday. I still had a runny nose and somewhat of a sore throat, but my energy was coming back. We decided to push the Obstacle Training back until 12:30 to give me time to relax and make sure I was up to it. I did pretty good, although hacking up mucus and throwing up after sprints might attribute to clearing out my lungs. šŸ˜‰

We only did 2 sets & about 2.5 miles of running. Regardless, it was good to start the obstacle training again after having 3 weeks off. But I feel much better today! I’m still tired and a little achy, but I kicked ass at the gym this morning.


6 laps + 4 sprints = 2.5 miles roughly
14 agility ladder exercises
50 Burpees
8 Tire Flips
2 Sets of Farmer Walks
2 Sets of Sandbag Squats
2 Sets of Combat Rope intervals
2 Sets of Lunges

Time: 1:06:38
Cals: 703
Max HR: 182
Avg HR: 144

Thoughts:Ā I can’t wait to not have anything stand in my way this week of getting a solidĀ scheduleĀ ofĀ trainingĀ in. These past two weeks have been all over the place as far as vaca, being sick, traffic issues, etc. So my focus is to get back to it this week.



Elliptical: 165 bpm x 2 = 6 minutes

Pushups/One: 1 x 60 (split it up in four sets)
Dips: 4 x 17, 17, 15, 15
Assisted Chin Ups: 90# x 2 x 6, 90# x 1 x 5 (this was the last exercise!!)

SS: Deadlifts: 60# x Ā 3 x 15 + SLDLs: 60# x 3 x 10-14
Bent Rows: 60# x 2 x 14, 13, 13, 11
Overhead Press: 60# x 3 x 10, 9, 9

SS: WG PDs: 40# x 1 x 15, 60# x 3 x 13 + WG PDs Behind Neck: 60# x 3 x 8, 7, 7

Post Cardio + Pushups/Two: 0.25 mile sprint + 32 pushups
Elliptical: 7 minutes resistance + cool down.

Time: 1:01:15
Cals: 617
Max HR: 180
Avg HR: 146 bpm

Thoughts:Ā Despite me getting over a cold, I felt really good. Probably because I slept more than I was awake this weekend šŸ™‚ But this week is going to be focused on getting back to consistent training and I’m playing a 7-8 mile trail run on Friday!!

TUESDAY: Intervals + Body Work + Foam Rolling
WEDNESDAY: Foam Rolling, Stretching Recovery Cardio
THURSDAY: Upper Body Work, 3 mile sprints/hills
FRIDAY: 7 mile run & stretching
SATURDAY: Agility Training, Trail Run
SUNDAY: Obstacle Training x 3-4 sets.


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