If something is easy, you’ve either done it too many times, doesn’t have a big return or you’re being lazy (could be a good thing though).

With that said, I was dragging ass this morning. Luckily we went to bed really early last night and caught up on some sleep. (8:20pm to be exact). I love my sleep! Anyways, this morning was interval training and some foam rolling.


+ 20 minutes foam rolling & stretching
+ 10 min warm up on elliptical, lvls 10-15.

Incline Intervals:
10-11% incline, 5.5mph – 5.7 mph, 11 minutes total.
+ 30s – 40s running, 20s rest x 7

Sprint Intervals:
+ 1 min @ 6.0 mph, 40s @ 6.6 mph
+10-20s rest, 40s @ 7.0 mph, 20-30s @ 5.5mph
+10-20s rest, 40s @ 7.5 mph, 20-30s @ 6.0 mph
+10-20s rest, 35-45s @ 8.0 mph, 20-30s @ 6.0 mph
+10-20s rest, 35-45s @ 8.5 mph, 20-30s @ 6.0 mph
+10-20s rest, 30-40s @ 8.7 mph, 20-30s @ 6.0 mph
+10-20s rest, 30-40s @ 9.0 mph, 20-30s @ 6.5 mph
+1 minutes cooldown.

Roughly about 11-12 minutes, 2.23 miles

Step Climber Intervals:
+ Lvl 11-13, 20s on, 10s off x 8, 1 min cooldown @ lvl 9
Roughly 7 minutes.

Post Cardio: Planks!
2 timed planks, 1 set of new planks a trainer should me and one set of suicide planks, each arm.

Interval Time: 36.23
Cals: 424
Max HR: 182 bpm
Avg HR: 152 bpm

Total Time: 50 minutes
Total Cals: 506

Thoughts: I could have gone harder. I know I could have. My damn legs are just fucking sore. They do feel a lot better after foaming rolling the shit out of them, but its painful to be doing incline sprints when your hamstrings want to burst. Luckily it’s not the “oh shit” type of pain, but the stiffness alone held me back. With that said, I’m going to make myself feel better by saying I ALMOST skipped today. But I’m glad I didn’t  Working through the pain is something that WILL get me mentally tough. After getting a good nights rest, I told myself, no, keep working for it. I’m not going to always feel “optimal” for training or feeling “fresh”. I did find the treadmill a lot of fun though. The sprints were placed after the incline, but next time I’m going to do sprints before, then incline, then sprints again.

Anyways, tomorrow is body weight focused with smaller muscle groups thrown in, including calves/shin. I’m hoping to get a mile or two in tomorrow, because I really need to keep strengthening my gait/shins. I’ll have to ice today and tonight, my right shins a bit, meh. It didn’t swell though this morning, just feels..like if I push myself too much, I’ll be junk for the weekend.

My boyfriend was more than happy to help me get back to deadlifting more weight!! We planned it either for Friday nights or  AFTER my run, in the evening, not this Saturday, but the Saturday after. My long term goal is to deadlift 250 for 5. I have a lot of power in my legs, and I want to fucking use it! The most I’ve ever done was 175 x 13, so I think I could really get there. I need someone to help me with form since I’ve been out of the game for so long, hopefully I want be too out of shape for it. I’m going to record my progress 🙂


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