There are a few women that I truly find inspirational. Despite their achievements, hardships, challenges and busy lifestyles, they still keep a humbling view, as well as a sense of humor through it all. These women go beyond just being strong. They are independent, foreword thinkers, and just overall, badass. Now, I’m not hating on men, I just feel very strongly about having MORE female role models  especially ones who actually add work ethic, drive and passion into their every day lives, and promote that as well. I don’t look up to eating disorders, yoyo dieting, diet pills,  and I certainty don’t look up to celebrities. I’m about to share with you a few average women, that do absolutely amazing things and still find time to keep their personality, humbleness & humor in tact.

Margaret Schlachter – first female, PROFESSIONAL Obstacle Racer. She recently was sponsored by Gaspari Nutrition. That’s right, Gaspari now sponsors their first PROFESSIONAL OBSTACLE RACER who happens to be a woman. 🙂 I first learn of Margaret after following Spartan Race on facebook. I recently saw her at the Spartan Race in Amesbury, but did not get a chance to meet her. Without me gushing too much, check out two of her blogs: and Big things happening for her and Dirt In Your Skirt, especially with the new Obstacle Racing Magazine.

Amelia Boone – Amelia makes me laugh, but in a total badass way. She is straight up, a freaking beast. Shes another obstacle racer who is “more comfortable” with long, winter death racers than anything. She also holds a full time job in Chicago, but manages to find time to train and compete like a beast. Did I mention she’s hilarious?

“(5) My definition of a “long” race is completely skewed. Case in point: when describing the UltraBeast to my mom a few months ago, I told her “don’t worry, it will start when it’s light out and end when it’s light out.” Before WTM, I thought 24 hours was ridiculous. Now anything less seems…pedestrian. (In related news, I’ve become an endurance snob)”

In all seriousness, shes a firece competitor who is a normal working adult who happens to spend her free time competing & beating herself up. She was also the first one I started to follow religiously at her blog: Her blog is straight up gold if you love obstacle racing or interested in knowing more.

Ella Kociuba – Ella is a fitness competitor, horse racer turned professional obstacle racer. Again, this girl who I believe is about 19/20 years old is a straight up bad ass, and I don’t mean how freakin fast this girl is on courses. Her determination and love for competition is extremely rare and even made me question my own dedication to training. She has a birth defect as well as past injuries that she refuses to let stop her. Check out a few videos of her talking about her injuries as well as her witnessing this girls work ethic: here , and here. She’s probably one of my favorites..because I get to girl crush and stalk her more. Haha! Also, I believe she is sponsored by GoPro and Flag Nor Fail workout apparel.

Solo aka Kate – This woman is just plain awesome. She’s competitive, shes badass and she doesn’t stop. From her blog, I noted she’s now sponsored by Salomon Toronto! I started to follow her after seriously doing some research into obstacle racing and luckily found her. I get so giddy when she updates!! The best thing is that no matter what shes doing, or what shes competing in, she’s always smiling in every photo. Check her out and PLEASE add her to your daily ‘blog” routine because she WILL be a big name in 2013…also, check out this recent video submission she did, note those pullups. 😉

I have so many more women I want to highlight, both at a professional level and amature as well as women I find inspiring and makes me push harder everyday. Hopefully those of you who are interested can take a look at these women and take away something to help you with your goals.

*I obviously did not take these photos or claim them to be my own. They are used for reference only.*


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