I’m back!

It was a great weekend and I’m very happy to be back to training. Friday was my last rest day, and I tried to hyrdate and stretch through out the day as well as at home. I really wanted to have a strong run on Sat.

My guy surprised me with some shopping and relaxing time. We headed to the outlets and went straight to Nike & Under Armour. (of course.) He found cleats at Nike before we headed to UA, they always have the better deals anyways. Holy shit we really lucked out! They had their new base cold gear (3.0) on clearence!! They went from 80.00 a peice to 22.00!! Of course I got leggings and a long sleeve. I also picked up four pairs of socks, 1 cami bra and a new sports bra. He treated me and we practically skipped out the door saving over 150 dollars! We had some pizza at home and fell asleep early.

Saturday we were up and ready to go. Cor had football and I had a run to do.

I felt really, really good. Cold runs are the best for me. I’m not sur why, but I LOVE the cold air, I feel like I breathe much easier. Anywho, heres the stats:



Time: 1:30:24 (not including warm up & cooldown)
Distance: 6.5 miles
Cals: 1157
Max HR: 179
Avg HR: 161

Thoughts: YUP! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! If only I got out the door a litttleee bit sooner, I could have done 8 miles, that’s how good I felt. I paced myself and worked on staying consistent with my gait. My legs were loose and strong and even when I started to gas out, I pulled back my speed and focused on my breathing. I did stop a few times to stretch and make sure my shins weren’t swelling (which they weren’t!!). I even jumped over a fucking huge ass snake, you bet your ass I didn’t re-run that section of trail. I couldn’t have been more happy with how I did. Usually my avg mile is about 12-13 minutes on trails, but here it was around 11-12. There was a few sections of trails I couldn’t run because of fallen trees ( literally huge ass trees, not branches!) that fell over the narrow trails so despite my usual “FUCK IT!” mentality, I doubled back and kept going.

The rest of the day was rest, stretching, video games, having dinner and drinks with my mom and vegging.


Leg Press: 90# x 1 x 20, 180# x 1 x 15, 270# x 1 x 15, 360# x 1 x 10
, 450# x 1 x 8
Overhead Plate Lunges: 25# x 16 each, 35# x 1 x 14 each, 45# x 2 x 10 each
Calf Raises: 115# x 1 x 18, 100# x 1 x 15, 90# x 1 x 18, 75# x 1 x 20

DB Shoulder Press: 25# x 4 x 14, 14, 12
Tricep Pushdowns: 50# x 1 x 10, 40# x 2 x 12, 50# x 1 x 8
Overhead Cable Tri-Extensions: 70# x 2 x 12, 80# x 1 x 12,
Pushups: 35
Lifting Time: 46:58 minutes
Lifting Cals: 357
Max HR: 155
Avg HR: 122

Distance: 2.15 trail run (mostly even ground since it’s more local than my other place)
Time: 26:53
Cals: 350
Max HR: 183
Avg HR: 163

Thoughts: So maybe it wasn’t the smartest idea to run after doing some leg work, especially doing my first 450# set in a looooong time. I just felt so damn good, I had to keep upping the weight. The run did help my loosen up though after lifting. It was cold out, the leaves were beautiful and I got to clear my head. Lifting gets my anger out, running clears everything. I got home and my guy had already got dinner. So we vegged out, drank our protein drinks, watched a movie and did the last bits of laundry for the week.


So I’ve promised myself that I would take better care of my body. And it starts with recovery. I stretched and warmed up before I jumped on a few different cardio machines that target different points in my legs for about 35 minutes. The rest of the hour was devoted to foaming rolling some very painful muscles and lots of stretching.

Time: 49:17
Cals: 358
Max HR: 153
Avg HR: 120

Thoughts: As you can tell from my Heart rate, I was very sore from Sunday’s shitfest on my legs. In fact, while foam rolling, I had to take breaks because of the pain and soreness in just my quads alone. But they do feel somewhat better after a cold and hot alt. shower too. Tomorrow is lifting & stair master intervals.









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