Well, Hurricane Sandy can kiss my ass. All humor aside, NYC got hammered (and not in a good way) by this storm. My thoughts goes out to the people still battling this craziness, as well as TRYING to get back to normal. Luckily, MA didn’t get hit AS bad; some  areas worse than others. I live north of Boston where it wasn’t nearly as bad. I did work from home yesterday before losing power.

My crazy weekend recap:

Friday night was a Halloween party. My friend turned himself black, I was Satan and Corey was the poor guy I tried to drag to hell. My brother and his GF came. I got pretty drunk, I broke my right heel, while my brother broke my other. We smoked cigars, I shot whiskey, the cops came to tell us to shut up…. and we  had Ihop at 2am. And man was I hungover the next day. Ugh. But at least it was fun staring at the bottom of the bottle for a bit.

Saturday I literally didn’t do shit… well besides driving around like a mad woman, drinking several cups of coffee and trying not too puke on people. People are bat shit crazy when trying to prepare for the storm. All forms of advanced communication between human beings literally dissolve into hatred, anger and creative road rage. I say creative because in MA, you’ll never know what you’ll see: the finger, a funny face, waving, jumping up and down, people actually chasing you, ice coffees thrown at your window or the ever so clever “FUCK YOU!” out the window. Every now and then you get a break check or people trying to run you off the road.

We had another Halloween party Saturday night with Corey’s nieces and nephew. Hungover, walking neighborhoods and surrounded by kids and candy made me so exhausted, I thought about falling asleep around 8pm. Damn. I forget how little it takes for me to A. Get Drunk and B. Feel hungover. We played video games and relaxed.

Sunday was when the clouds and rain started to roll in from the hurricane. We did do a short 2.5 mile trail run pretty fast. It only took us 25 minutes. (that’s fast for me). The guys were pretty excited about my fast pace since the last time they ran with me. I went to the gym afterwards to get some much needed lifting in. I needed to burn off steam, plain and simple. I had so much pent up frustration,  I loaded 8 plates on the leg press and kicked ass. I did misc stuff…overhead plate lunges, calve raises, overhead barbell shoulder press, running intervals, WG pds, etc.

I learned that wearing leggings at the gym is probably the best idea I’ve ever had. They are so comfortable and even though I have a squatter’s ass & the entire weight room knows thongs are appropriate attire, at least I can perform everything without having to worry about excess clothes.

Sunday ended with howling winds and the rain. Monday, I worked from home and waited for Corey, who was cut lose from work as well.

And now, my final thought of the week.

I’m taking Tuesday – Friday off from training. I need some recovery and time off. I’m also looking into some recovery powders. Recently with all my extra training and being constantly on the go, I feel just tired..all the time. I could sleep right now if I wasn’t at work. I’ve always been a person who does a lot, as well as needing tons more sleep than the average person. My boyfriend can run off of 5 or 6 hours of sleep, less if needed. If i get less than 8, I’m a fucking cranky bitch the whole day till I get a nap – no matter the caffeine intake.

I’m also NOT blogging either. Saturday is still a trail run and sunday is obstacle training day, but thats about it. Next week, it will be back to normal. In fact I’m working on a schedule for the next three months to get more recovery time into my schedule as well as a structured nutrition planner. Besides that, I’m catching up on sleep, my book, dates with my boyfriend and having dinner my mom. I need more me time and less running around time. I can only do 14 hour days while my whole body is sore and stiff for so long. Can’t you tell from my tone I’m a bitch today?

Random, but man I want sushi right now.

Anyways, I’m going to try my hardest to keep quiet until sat/sun. I do love blogging, but I need to step away for a few days. Keep kicking ass everyone.


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