Alright so this week has been very strange..for a few reasons.

Monday night my guy and I got into an argument about our living situation, which made me sulk in bed and whine. Last night we had an earthquake of 4.0, which shook the fucking house like a piece of grass for about 6 seconds – freakiest shit ever. My boyfriend also had to be up at 2:30am for work, so he didn’t really sleep and neither did I. Traffic has been fucked up, all three mornings, causing me to sit in an over an hour of traffic at 5:45am. WHAT THE FUCK. And finally, I got a nice bonus at work, along with my dad’s grave stone finally being delivered and installed and my mom closing on re-financing the house, selling a few things, and other crap.

I realize it’s only Wednesday. (I wrote half of this blog weds at lunch time, so if nothing else makes sense: I don’t time travel.)

I think it seems weird because a lot has happened in very little time, it makes my head hurt. So tonight, I’m going to put on my pjs, make dinner/lunches/protein and drool on myself till 9pm. Tuesday was lifting, and lifting heavy. I needed to get some frustration out and dead lifting seems to be the perfect way to get the tension off your mind and into your muscles. It was suppose to be a planned workout, but fuck it – I needed some weight on my shoulders. I didn’t even care about my cals, time, or anything else. I still did body weight exercises, but fuck you I love lifting.

Also, my guy said something funny to me the other day:
Me: “I’m fragile, you’re gonna break me!!” (he was doing something, non-sexual you perverts, and it hurt) “I’m a delicate little flower!”
Him: “Uhh, yeah I don’t think delicate little flowers deadlift in the morning”.


Wednesday – Cardio, bitches.
50 Mins of Hard cardio:

20 minutes on step climber (intervals)
15 minutes of elliptical (high resistance)
15 minutes on cross trainer: resistance/incline intervals – kept HR at 155-170

Time: 53:12
Cals: 533
Max HR: 173 bpm
Avg HR: 150 bpm


Thursday – Lifting + Incline Running
Friday – Foam Rolling & Cardio
Saturday – 6 mile Trail Run
Sunday – 4-6 sets of Obstacle Training


Thursday – Weights, Cardio, & Stolen Protein 

The stolen protein part is just a joke. My boyfriend took my morning protein shake with him when he left this morning. I didn’t know till it was too late, wha!

0.6 mile run/warm up & stretching

Pushups: 32, 15, 11 = 58 (getting easier!! I wanna be able to do 100 easily )
Dips: 3 x 17
Planks: 1 x 1min, 1 x 40s, 1 x 30s
Suicide Planks: 2 x 10 (each arm)
WG PDs: 60# x 1 x 15, 70# x 2 x 10
Behind Neck WG PDs: 70# x 1 x 8, 60# x 1 x 11

BentRows + Ez Curls + Overhead Press (Tri-set)
12 rows + 3 curls + 2 overheads (40# Pre-loaded bar) x 3

Upright Rows: 40# x 3 x 12
SLDLs:  50# x 3 x 12-15 reps, 50# x 1 x 10 + 3 Overhead Presses (SS)
Tricep PDs: 45# x 3 x 12

5 minutes on step climber: lvl 6-10 intervals (15s-30s)

Time: 54:31
Cals: 467
Max HR: 168 bpm
Avg HR: 137 bpm

Thoughts:  So, no pull-ups today. I’m not feeling like im moving up (or in this case, down since they are assisted) in weight. I might work on them Tuesdays a lot more, like 4 sets and do a dropdown in weight to see where I am? Not sure, I’m going to look up ways to improve pull-ups and chin ups.

Last night was good. Got home around 6:30pm, had some dinner, made lunchies, relaxed, played video games and fell asleep around 9:30. No earthquake, so that was nice. This morning I was pretty sleepy, but when I got to the gym I felt really great. It use to be hard to lift so early, but I’m finding that the more time I give my body to wake up, the more weight I can throw around.

Speaking of weight, it’s so weird for me to be working with such low numbers in actual weight. I use to be such a heavy lifter, which isn’t bad. But I found I gained a lot of muscle, but lost stamina when it came to do doing sprints & body weight stuff. When I lean out a little bit, I’m hoping to steadily increase my numbers because man, nothing compares to lifting heavy. Hmmm.

Also, no blog post really in order. I just want to get through this week..maybe this weekend I’ll do a little something something…


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