I don’t think I blogged about Friday’s workout. It was actually nice.

Don’t remember Friday too much, even though it was only two days ago. But It probably involved video games, a shower and sleep.


Friday – Lifting & Cardio

Saturday – 6 MILE TRAIL RUN


Sunday – Obstacle Training (in the pouring rain)


So, now that it’s Monday morning and also my rest day, I have discovered that the only real motivation to get up this morning was in fact my green tea sitting at work. I would have probably over slept, but my sub conscious was giving me wicked nightmares about random things going on lately.


I’ve been so stressed too, not with any one thing in particular..but mostly my living quarters. We have a good opportunity right now, but there are too many factors to get excited about it…even though I totally am. I’m really trying to keep a level head and not let my excitement get the best of me.


Other than that, my 6 mile trail run was a great day! I didn’t have too much steam going into it because of how cold it was and also the other things going on in my life, but the weather was probably the best fall day I’ve seen in a while. I didn’t stop running until I heard my GPS tell me I hit the 6 mile mark. J


I burned about 1,000 cals doing that too. Although Sunday I really felt the effects of rocks/roots on my right foot, it’s still slightly sore. But I’d rather take foot pain over my shin pain any day. I put icy hot on it yesterday and massaged it, put ice on it, etc. I’m learning the more preventive stuff I did, the better off I am. I hydrated all last week because I knew the weekend was going to be very active – not just in workouts, but cleaning, moving stuff, lots of fucking laundry and organizing – ugh. If there’s one thing in the world I cannot stand, its laundry. But luckily my guy is okay with it.


I left my HR watch at home (wah) so I don’t know my stats from the weekend off hand. But I do know it was over 2,000 cals this weekend alone. (lol).


500 for Friday, 1,000 for sat and around 700 for Sunday, but I’ll update tomorrow with the full rundown. It helps me keep accountable.


Sunday was tough. My mental game was good, everything felt good, but by the third set my foot was sending severe pains up my leg. The running was actually the easier part, but when it came to sprinting or flipping the tire, arching my foot just created such a painful weakening feeling that I knew it wasn’t going to be good. Towards the end I was limping back to the car. On top of that, it was pouring out – which I love. So it bummed me out that we cut it short…argh.


Anyways, this week I’m adding in more veggies to my diet and slowly cutting out my starchies. I have stocked up on tons of salads since that seems to be what I like these days. I have to give the 10 bell peppers a week thing a rest for a bit. Hehe.


Till tomorrow, kickass 😉



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