So, my plan for Wednesday did not happen – not even close. I woke up yesterday morning and felt weird. I was slightly dizzy. As I tried to move, I realized the room had started spinning, I started to get really hot and I couldn’t focus on anything. At first, I thought I was having a panic attack. My boyfriend was trying to get me to stand up, apparently I was telling him I was going to get sick. He tried to move me to the bathroom to put water on my face, and I realized I couldn’t hear him. There was a dull ringing in my ears, coupled with silence. I couldn’t throw up, so he sat me on the floor and made sure the dizziness was starting to fade. He ran to get a sweatshirt for me since I was very cold at this point and all the color had drained from my face.

As you can see, it wasn’t a fun experience. It was vertigo, and I HATE experiencing it. It’s almost like being drunk but no matter what you do, you spin and cannot focus on anything. Your vision is blurred and spinning and you can’t see much, just colorful dots.  After it calmed down, he got me into bed and made sure I was okay. He called his boss and said he was taking me to the doctors.

I went to a local walk in to see what they thought about the episode. Never had I lost my vision like that or my hearing. The headache I had after bothered me to. They took my vitals, and I finally got to see the doctor after 2 hours of waiting. He was concerned about all the symptoms together – so, what does he do, call my boyfriend back and told us he wants me to be transported to Lahey by ambulance. What?!

My boyfriend looked at me and we both declined heavily since that little ride would be 5-600 hundred dollars at least. I didn’t feel like I was dying so I was pretty sure I could handle a car ride. My mother came with us, I was admitted into the ER, where I waited another 3 hours. (After a total of 5 hours of waiting to see doctors, if I was really dying, they would know) After 3 EKGs, multiple blood pressure tests, 5 vials of blood, a urine sample, balance tests, and a CT scan, the ER doctor told me at 2:30pm that I was the healthiest person he’s seen all week, ate his lunch and discharged me.

Apparently, the left side of my head has a fluid issue in my ear. So, n0, after 7 hours, I did not have a stroke or bleeding in the brain. The ER doctor was annoyed that the first doctor didn’t even do a blood test to find out. Oy. Apparently doctors don’t talk to one another, relay info or read the papers I was transferred with. Wow, what a system. Also, they lost me. The nurses didn’t know I was getting a CT scan before meeting with the doctor. My mom and boyfriend were horrified that they couldnt find me, lied to them about my whereabouts, and didn’t let them see me till it was almost over. My mom wasn’t too happy and nearly flipped out. My boyfriend almost cussed out the doctor. It was pleasant.

So, after much wait, I was finally discharged and sent home with a “well, if it happens again, just don’t move and try to let it pass”.  Okay.  Thanks.

Regardless, I’m still exhausted. I hit the sheets at 8pm last night and I still feel like I didn’t get much sleep. My guy suggested I take another rest day to make sure I feel good for the weekend, as well as making sure it doesn’t happen again so soon. I hate taking “days off”. Honestly, I would have fought him on it, but he gave me that look that said “dont even argue with me, you know i’m right”.

So, now I’m at work, drinking my protein, feeling lazy and fat and restless and sleepy. I am thankful nothing serious happened and I’m alright. Sitting in the ER, wrapped in a blanket waiting for the doctor to look at my CT scan, all I could think about was “shit, no workout today..shit what if it’s serious, can I still race next year?”


Today is a nothing day. I’m going to catch up on work, get home, make lunches and get to bed early. Tomorrow is a planned workout, as well as a planned LONG trail run Saturday.

The good news is I’m not getting sick. Even though everyone is around me, I have managed to somehow stay healthy and avoid stomach bugs, head colds and the flu.

Tomorrow will probably be a WT day, coupled with cardio.


3 thoughts on “Trip To The ER – Really?

  1. Poor you! I had issue with constant vertigo that was only getting worse. I was lucky to find a doctor that knew the condition and sent me to a specialist.
    I had to see him a few times, but basically there is some movements they can do to your head do make sure the fluids and crystals in your inner ear are expelled, thus reducing the vertigo. I was so amazed at how much better I felt after that!
    I don’t know if you have something similar… But maybe it’s an option worth exploring 🙂


  2. glad you’re okay that sounds scary and painful. My bf mom has a tendency to vertigo and I give her ginger tea to get rid of it. Try it – any kind of tea you like + 1 tsp ginger powder + 1 tsp honey. Feel better x

  3. Thank you both for your concern!! Luckily it does not happen very often. Even the doctor was surprised I haven’t had more issues with how active I am. But until it gets (or if it ever does) worse, there is no need for medication (thank goodness!) But I WILL keep the tea idea in mind and try it out! I do love tea anyways 🙂

    I’ve had vertigo before, but never quite as bad as yesterday’s episode. I can’t even imagine having this happen more often..eeshh.

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