Model: CAMELBAK Cloudwalker – 2011 Series
Color: Grey on Black
Product Description: The Camelbak Cloud Walker™ delivers comfort and performance for recreational hikers, plus on-the-go hydration for short outings.

Gender: Unisex
Weight: 1.12 lb (510 g)
Material: 70D Diamond Clarus & 420D Nylon with DWR + 1000mm PU coating
Dimensions: 18 in / 46 cm (Torso Length)
Volume: 70 oz / 2 L Hyd. Included
Max Capacity: 1220 cu in (20 L)
Season: N/A

70 oz. (2 L) OMEGA™ HydroTanium™ Reservoir with Lifetime Warranty
Hike Essentials Organizer Pocket
HARNESS: Independent Suspension
BELT: Chest only, No torso strap


At first look, it looks like a durable backpack. It’s not the smallest of the bunch, or the largest. I choose it because it was in between with a quick access side pocket, as well as a roomy zippered compartment on the front, and a large compartment for clothing/supplies.

The Fit:
I wouldn’t get this model if you are just going to run with it – whether it’s trail, distance, races, etc. It is not made to run comfortable with. If you’re a smaller woman/man, it will def. be uncomfortable if you have extra clothing or nutrition in the bag. If you have larger arms, it will also be uncomfortable. I’m 5’ 4’’ and have some muscle, so my arms did scratch against the straps, but it wasn’t too bad where it made me stop or cause any real pain. I was wearing a tank top, so if you’re wearing a ¾ sleeve, long sleeve, or a good t-shirt, I don’t think you should have any problems. Also, the bag did not chafe against my shirt – some backpacks I found rub either your skin or your shirt, disrupting the quality of the material.

Once I tightened the arm and chest strap, the pack didn’t bounce, nor hinder me any way with running. It was a little awkward because I didn’t know exactly where to put my arms, but that’s trivial. Also, if you have a larger chest, it will be slightly uncomfortable with the chest strap tight. Because there is no torso strap, I had to tighten the sides and the chest strap to keep the bag from bouncing – this would have been more comfortable if I had a smaller chest (haha), and also a torso strap.

The Function: For an hour trail run (4.5 miles for me), the size of the bladder was just fine. I had to get use it being on my shoulders, as well as weight. I could def. feel it after 2 or 3 miles. But I think the more I wear it, the more my shoulders will learn to relax. The water tube was just fine, strapped to the left side of the arm strap; it didn’t flop around and didn’t annoy me at all. It was easy to keep running and drink at the same time.

Filling the bladder was slightly annoying since you can’t truly fill it all the way – or maybe I’m a little slow and haven’t figured it out because I read no directions (also an issue with the CamelBak packaging/tags). I understand the large mouth maybe for ice, but I think it’s actually too large, where it’s awkward for smaller hands to hold the bladder and twist it shut when it’s full, never mind trying to hold the damn thing while trying to fill it. Small handle/loop at the top of the bladder, please?

Final Thoughts: Overall it wasn’t a bad pack for running. It certainly takes some time getting use to the fit especially since I’ve never worn a pack while running. I did criticize the pack heavily because I actually really love the quality of the pack. I was surprised how light it felt, as well as the comfort level of the material. I do like the raises straps and back support for sweating – it made running a little cooler than I thought it would be. Drinking from the pack produced no issues what so ever. The water was evenly distributed, it never bubbled or started to leak, and there was never a reduced amount of pressure through the tube.


HIKING – We planned a 9 mile hike – which would take us between 5.5 – 7 hours depending on the weather, the terrain and how long we stayed at the top. It took us 6 hours with spending a good 45 minutes at the top to eat and take photos.

The Fit: We knew it was going to be cold, so we packed for it. Of course, I always over pack. When I left the car, I had UA cold gear gloves, headband/ear warmers, cami bra, sports bra and compression leggings. I then had a north face thermal long sleeve and a north face wind breaker on top. I also had UA cold gear sweat pants on, double layered UA game socks, and Nike Pegasus trail shoes on. On top of that, I had my Camelbak, a large hunting knife, misc. extra clothes, GU, Shock Blocks, toilet paper, sunglasses, and other small items. Even with all of that, the pack was very roomy and comfortable. Of course, when I took the cold gear outerwear off about 1 mile into the hike (we were in dense tree coverage/forest so it was a little warmer), the pack did get a little tight. But again, there was a lot of stuff in there. Even still, it was still comfortable and didn’t pull on my shoulders.

I still could move, jump, jog, climb and feel confident knowing the bag wouldn’t pull, shift, etc on my back. I strapped the hunting knife to my chest strap, as well as my headband when I got too hot, and it dangled fine. This time, wearing a long sleeve, it didn’t bother my arms. It also didn’t bother my chest either.

The Function: I actually had enough water for the 9 mile hike! I was a little nervous I would run out when I got to the top, so I packed an extra H20 Overdrive just in case. I actually ran out of the water finally, 0.5 miles from the car – and that was drinking ever 15-20 minutes in little gulps. Even my boyfriend kept drinking from my pack because of how convenient it was rather than digging into his back pack to find his bottled water. It also reduced the amount of weight I had to carry. The bottles are awkward and take up weird amounts of space – the guys found this out when carrying 4 of them. Needless to say, with more hikes planned, my guy def. wants one!

The material was great. A couple of times I had to slide on my butt on the way down because we were actually vertically climbing at some points near the top. The pack didn’t scratch or rip even when dragged or snagged on passing rocks/branches. The water kept cool and I’m glad it was a separate compartment from the clothes compartment.

It was the perfect bag for a medium length hike. Anything more and I’d have to carry extra water bladders/bottles if it was a 10-12 miler. I’m thinking about two more Camelbak purchases, one for trail runs and one with a bigger water capacity for longer hikes.

Final Thoughts:  I HIGHLY recommend this pack for hiking. It was a very versatile pack that can accommodate a lot of different stuff. At no point did I ever feel weakness in the straps, the zippers or the material, and I was very glad. I have a hard time keeping zippers working on sweatshirts, pants, etc, so it was nice to feel the quality of the zipper was good. If you are doing a long hike, especially an overnight, I would suggest getting a bigger bladder (or second bladder). Also, you might need more room depending on the weather. Also, a torso strap still would have really helped. But overall, great product and I’m very happy with it!!

If you guys have any questions, let me know!!




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