So excited. This week has dragged by and I’m ultra (get it anyone?) excited for it to be almost over…well, at least the work portion.


I’ve made plans to do a nice LONGER trail run Saturday since my guy will be helping a friend move and a nice 9 mile hike in Sunday. But the thing (and I’m going to sound like a big nerd) I’m even more excited for, is testing out my new Camelbak. This is the first one I’ve bought so far – and I’m dying to try it out.

Its the 2011 CloudWalker. It’s a little bigger, but I needed something for hiking and running. There is no strap around the stomach, just the chest, which may be a little harder when trying to run with it, but I’ll deal. The others were too small and I can’t bring myself to order these types of things online without trying my first one out.


I sat in traffic last night for almost two hours. My head was pounding, im EXHAUSTED and I felt like I was starting to come down with a cold. I was achy, I had random sharp aches and pains through my body and best of all, cramps. Ohhh..cramps and bloating – I loathe you. By yourselves, it’s not to bad, but together, you guys fucking suck.

I was wicked cranky getting in the house, but Corey cheered me up by jumping on me, tickling me and almost making me choke on my dinner. He’s so charming. 😉

Anyways, took a ride to Sports Authority..I honestly had no intention of spending money, but the Camelbaks have been in my head and I went to just “go look”. Women don’t just “go look”….

So I decided on the CloudWalker after researching on amazon and other places for reviews. Although it’s not the best one, and doesn’t have the “quick link” feature, I’m okay with it. It was 60 dollars guys, and for my first one, I’m okay with not being a pro or having the slightest idea about these things.

So I’ll figure things out as I go. I also bought a nice UA ear warmer/head band for running this fall/winter while the guys picked up some new compression gear.

Tonight I have to finish packing my shit up at my moms. I actually moved out months ago..I think almost a year actually but I never really moved out….haha So I’m going to clean up my old room and hang out with my mom for a bit.

Today I might do some treadmill sprints/hills depending on how I feel. I’m extremely fucking tired. I went yesterday to see if I felt better warming up on the bike – but my legs felt like lead..even after stretching for 25 minutes. I did do some shoulder/arm work, but that was the extent of it.

My incoming period really fucks with me, as well as the fucking horrible gloomy weather we’ve been having. But luckily the sun is ashine’n, so I’m hopeful I can run the blues out of my system today.

After this weekend I’m going to do a review on this pak, both for running and hiking.


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