So, this weekend will be a little different. We aren’t doing our usual Sunday training, instead we’ll be doing a 9 mile, steep hike in NH. IM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!! I could barely get to bed last night thinking of it. I’m such a nature girl. It sounds so effed up, but that’s why I could never live in the city. I LOVE the quiet outdoors, hiking, climbing, etc. It’s heaven.

Since I need more hiking under my belt and the fall just begun, I think this is such a great weekend to do it.  The weather looks like 45 degrees & sunny at the summit. The Mt. is only about 3500 feet in elevation, but man it’s a tough hike up and down. It’s not a smooth transition at some parts, especially on the way down. But I’ve done this Mt. 2 or 3 times now, but this trail I’ve only done once. There are several trails up and down the Mt, but this one is the closest parking to my house and is also the most fun.

I’ve done a lot of hiking across NH, most of the time getting lost, finding my way thanks to a satellite GPS and making a day of it. But this weekend will be more planned and relaxing with a few friends.

The hike is here:

Here are some older photos of me at Chocorua’s summit on a couple different climbs:

It’s beautiful views and the part rock climb at the top is fucking awesome. We are heading up Sat afternoon to chill out at my house in NH, then start the hike around 7am on Sunday. We are driving home around Monday morning – very early however. Well Corey will be driving and I will be snoozing 🙂


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