But I won’t. I’m still so sleepy from having such a great weekend. I was so stubborn about getting up this morning. ūüė¶

This weekend was so damn fun. Friday night all we did was play video games till one in the morning. Then Corey and I woke up Sat. morning at 10:30am…OOPS! Over slept because I forgot to fix the alarm is it went off on weekends.

Corey played football with the guys and I went running. TRAIL RUNNING!!! Of course when it starts to get colder out, my body decides its okay to start running without pain now. I ran between 4-4.4 miles!!!! I’m not 100% sure of the total distance because part of trail I can’t map because of the tree coverage. But it was about an hour of running total and I felt so damn good. NO SHIN PAIN. I was so excited I just kept going and going till I got hungry.

My legs felt strong and I could have kept going but I didn’t bring a protein shake and my tummy was not liking the empty feeling. Blah.


I mapped it a little funny, but since I refuse to run on concrete, I ran from the bottom right side of the picture all the way to the top right, then back again.

Distance: 4 to 4.4 miles total
Time: 54:30 + 5:20 for cooldown
Cals: 624
Max HR: 193 bpm (hill run)
Avg HR: 162 bpm

Thoughts:¬†I felt so amazing doing this and I cannot wait to go this Saturday. I’m going to try and get out there earlier and run for a big longer.


So we wanted to challenge ourselves by doing six sets. And we did. The night before Corey and I went to my moms house to hang out, eat some pizza and relax with my brother, his GF and my mom. It was so much fun. We came home and played more video games till about 12. Sunday morning we woke up around 8:30am to get moving. I made us breakfast, got dressed and then looked outside…it was pouring. Most people would have been sad..but I was so damn excited. We’ve trained in the heat, the¬†humidity, hungover, hungry, full, lite drizzle, BUT NEVER WHEN IT WAS POURING. So I put on my cold gear and packed some extra towels, the cooler and got everyone out the door.

We started to carry everything to field and realized it was going to be a long morning. The rain drops were thick and smacked you in the face with some force, so running was pretty funny. But, we did! 2.5 hours later, we did six sets of training and ran a total of 4.8 miles.

Thats 6 sets of:

0.4 mile runs with four agility ladder exercises

30 squats w/sandbag
20 lunges
4, 400lb tire flips
3 sets of combat rope swings
12 overhead rock presses
400 meter drag bag sprints
12 bent sandbag rows
400 meter farm walks w/buckets
10 pushups
20 hill climbers

Total Time: 2:35:57 hours
Cals: 1319
Max HR: 190 bpm
Avg HR: 136 bpm

Thoughts: Needless to say, it was exhausting. The rain made everything so much heavier. And by the end, I was starting to get really cold from being drenched the whole time so I had to run the last two laps with my arms crossed in front of my chest to keep warm. But my legs and feet were warm because of the cold gear. I just have to get a bigger compression shirt. The tire really sucked. I couldn’t use gloves to flip it because of all the mud. So with bare hands, trying to dig your fingers through mud to flip a 400lbs tire is interesting. I have a bruise on my knee from knocking it over because my grip sucked so bad. The rest of the day I was junk. I eventually got out to food shop, clean, make lunch for today and get to bed at a decent time. But tonight I’m going right home to crash. Running about 9 miles in two days for the first time in years, really took a toll on me. So today I’m taking a day off from the gym to recover so I can kick ass tomorrow and get back to it.

Also, last week’s workout log:

Total Time: 6 hours, 41 minutes
Total Cals: 3700!!! **Record!!!!***

I need to plan the rest of the week out. I need more hill training and lifting in there, so expect some crazy amibtious update later today.


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