Yesterday was our last obstacle training workout on weekdays until Spring. It’s bittersweet. Kind of sad, but it’s ok.


It was a BEAUTIFUL fucking day. All day. Not only did we do the workout outside one last time, but I also walked around Boston for half the workday. I was photographing our healthclubs and decided that walking was the best method. Until I ran out of food and I got scared. Also, thanks to my buddy Jay for the photo – taken was his fancy new iPhone. My boyfriend and I are the two small figures on the left near the tire. You can’t see it, but Corey was pretending he was looking off into the distance and I was flipping the camera off. Typical.

Anyways, It’s so funny how this workout has changed. At first, it was just to get ourselves out of the gym. We started with one set of people and finished here with the three of us. Jay didn’t start coming till about June I believe. Everyone else…well, I’m not sure what happened. I know Sunday’s are easier for people to come but our training became something we worked our lives around. Yeah, the guys go out drinking, but there was never a time that something else became more important. We did it, faithfully, every Thursdays and Sunday(with two or three vacations in there). If we couldn’t do it on a Sunday, we made sure it was on that Monday.

I hate to see Thursdays go. It was something I ran out of work to make sure I was at. It was something that no matter the weather or how you felt, you KNEW you had to be there. I fell in love with the sunset, the cool air rushing past me as I ran the track, the sweat dripping from my face and meeting all of the random people who stopped by to check us out as they were walking along and stumbled upon us. Most of them just watched and smiled, others approached us and wanted to know what the hell we were doing, one guy even tried to flip our old tire. But everyone always knew us as “oh, you guys are the ones with the big tire, right?!” It became a badge of honor. Yes, even after work/school/etc, we were out here, carrying out all of our equipment, tire, sore but with smiles – knowing we all enjoy the torture. Most of the time, carrying out the equipment was enough for a workout alone. But we got our whining out of the way, shared our day, and sometimes walk quietly through the forest until we hit the meadow. Exctied chatter always began, laughter always ensued, and people were down right happy to be there. It’s a tough workout and it’s a tough process to put your body through twice a week, but we pulled it together and welcomed the pain.

I don’t get to do things I’m so passionate about alot. I love hiking, kayaking, swimming, exploring – but I just don’t get to do it enough. Somehow, being out there, reminded me of why I love fitness. It becomes so much more than who you are, it becomes so much more than just sweating and lifting and running – it becomes a twisted form of love. And when you have a group of people who put themselves through it with you, it’s even better. Inside jokes start to form, the smiles never fade and best of all, the support never waivers. The people make it worth while, whether they come sometimes, or all the time – seeing people smile after they’ve accomplished a tough task or improve on something they’ve been struggling with is why I love to teach people fitness, let alone practice it myself.

But we still have Sundays, and that will never change. Through cold mornings, to snow, to rain, to heat – we’ll be there.


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