Just to get it out of the way, I had two KFC biscuits yesterday and they were possibly the best thing I have tasted in months.

Anyways. Today is my day off from training. And it is much needed.  I forgot that I have been working non stop since Saturday, pulling some big numbers in too. Well. For me anyways.  Since I am still trying to lose weight…………….when I’m not eating fucking biscuits, I do have to monitor my diet & caloric burn. I try to hit 3,000 + cals a week burned in exercise alone.

My guy and I were talking this morning about a challenge for this Sunday. I know our whole crew won’t do it, but we want to do 6 circuits of our obstacle training.

That is:

+ 0.5 mile run with four agility ladder exercises, different exercise each ladder. 

+ Do Circuit Below, as fast as possible.

15 Burpees
Pushups & Hill Climbs on Tire x 2 sets to failure
Sandbag Squats, each shoulder x 15 reps
Bent Rows w/sandbag x 15 reps
Overhead rock press x 15 reps
50lb drag bag sprints x 300 meters
Farmer Walks w/buckets of rocks x 300 meters
Combat Rope x 3 continued sets (kind of our own mashup)
400lb Tire Flip x 5

+ Rest for 1-3 minutes.

+ Then do the circuit above again. 


This o.5 mile run with agility exercises starts again, then two more circuits, then run the 0.5 mile again with agility ladders, then two more circuits.

Yeppo, sounds stupid and awesome at the same time. But I need to get stronger, both mentally and physically. These challenges here and there will help with that.

Saturday will be a early and long trail run, so hopefully my body will cooperate with me.





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