Dramatic, I know. But my guy finally got back to work this morning, and his alarm promptly went off at 3:30am. And I was up! After food shopping last night and getting home at 7:30pm, I ate dinner real quick (chicken “tacos”…mine was chicken with spinach and spicy sauce), I made Corey’s lunch, my lunch, got into my Pjs, washed my face, brushed my teeth, had a pity party with Cor and got into bed. The last thing I remember is being snuggled into his arm and I was done.

This morning I was up at 3:45 am after hitting snooze a couple of times. Got into my gym clothes, put my sweats on, put our lunches together, made us oatmeal, sat down and stared at each other like a couple of zombies and got out the door. It makes me feel a little better knowing he’s up with me in the AM..makes it easier to laugh and make the morning as less stressful as possible.

He got to Ctown faster than I did, but he saved me a good parking space and I waited with him at his bus stop thing until it came. It was 45 degrees out!!! Ahhh!!! I hurried to the T stop and got my ear chatted off by some lonely guy.

Got to the gym at 5:45, and got right to it.


Stretched + Warm up.

+ 16 minutes elliptical
+ 20 minutes cross trainer
+ 10 minutes bike

+ 20 minutes foam rolling

Total Cardio Time: 49:01
Cals: 452
Max HR: 167
Avg HR: 143

Thoughts: Yep, my body is not use to being at the gym at quarter of six,  sweating. But I pushed my tired quads down and got going on the elliptical. It made it easier to watch a movie too to wake up. I probably could of pushed more, but man oh man, I’m sore from deadlifting…and it was some small ass weight! But once I got going, I felt really good.

I know I’m going to be one tired person today. Corey gets out of the work around 2 and probably will get home around 3:30 depending on traffic and the bus times, but I know he still has to hit the gym. I’m just glad I can go right home at 5 and take a fuckin naaaaaap.

This new time schedule works out much better because I’m not as rushed, but it will take some getting use to. Getting up at 3:45 is not fun when I thought 4:30 was fuckin early. Agh.

But my guy is good about it. We laughed and played around last night as we were getting ready for bed. Between my weirdness and his goofiness, we amuse each other pretty well and I’m so glad I get to wake up with him now!! Although he’s not as excited. He was laid off for a month, watching me get ready at 4:30am while he snuggled under the blankets and teased me. Hehehe.

I still have a blog post waiting for me to finish, so maybe if I get a chance at lunch time I’ll actually finish the damn thing.



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