Alright, I’m horrible over the weekend trying to keep up blogging. I’m on the computer all week, so I’m excited when I don’t get to look at one on the weekends. Friday night when I got home, Corey and I played some video games, got ice coffees and were nerds till about 1:30am.

Saturday morning I went and got this monster:


My buddy found it at a place he works at. I was very excited to get a new tire!!! It is a little lighter than the previous one we had, but the tread is much cleaner (so no ripped rubber nylon that rips open your skin) and it is much taller. It’s actually taller than me, hahaha. So We loaded it into the truck and drove to Home Depot to buy some chains and a padlock. We brought it down to the field..well, I did…yep, I rolled and flipped it a half of a mile into the woods by myself, chained it up and locked it. 50 dollars in chain and a masterlock – I swear to god if anyone fucks with it, I’m going to be RIPSHIT.


Anyways. I got home covered in mud and dirt, jumped right into my running gear and headed to the field to watch the guys play some football. My boyfriend gave me the puppy eyes to take some photos, so I stayed for an hour to do so.

I left around 1:30pm to go running and MAN was it a FUCKING PERFECT day to run! I wish I could have done it longer, but the time spent there was heaven…why do you ask? BECAUSE I HAD NO SHIN PAIN!!! WOOO!!!!!

It did swell a little bit, but it was only ankle soreness from the rocks and roots I was running on. I kept my stride strong and even sprinted up a few hills. I modified my run so at first I walked about 1/4 of a mile on the concrete, THEN started to run on the trail. Instead of running all the way around the pond, I found new trails, doubled back on a few. On the way back I even ran on the concrete and felt no pain or tightness!!! I’m hoping to recreate this awesomeness this Saturday again and even go for a full hour.


Total Time: 42 minutes (not including cool down)
Calories: 450
Max HR: 187
Avg HR: 156


After the run I went home, had lunch, napped for a little bit, cleaned my car, cleaned our room, did a bit of laundry, went out with my mom and relaxed for the night. It was much needed 🙂

Sunday was a bit of a mess in the morning. I was cranky as shit because we are ALWAYS late to the field, even when people are waiting for us. The guys went out drinking last night again, so they were hurting from that and football. So I had to leave to meet everyone else who was meeting us down at the field. Which then caused an argument between my boyfriend and I. I was aggravated that not only did I bring the tire to the field, roll and flip it all the way out there by myself the previous day, but that the guys were late by almost 30 minutes again. Whatever. I got over it. We got to it and had a great workout. I was glad to see my brother and his girlfriend down there to try it out. I know it’s hard for people who aren’t in the best of shape, but that’s what it’s for – to kick your ass.


I helped everyone who was knew to it or needed more instruction. Corey usually does it, so I gave him a break from having to do it for everyone so he could get a good workout in too. We flipped the new tire and did our usual routine.

Time: 1.23.33 hours
Calories: 710
Max HR: 177
Avg HR: 137

Thoughts: The workout was good. I need to step it up though with either new exercises or something.


But overall it was a great weekend!!








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