Happy Friday everyone!!!

So Weds was my awesome day off. I pretty much sat in traffic, sat in more traffic, played my video game for an hour, showered and fell asleep at 930. What a life.

Yesterday though was pretty awesome. I got to work verrrrrry early, and left at 4:30 to do some obstacle training. Last night was our second to last thursday. Next Thurs will officially be our last, wah!

I’m feeling more and more “leaner”. I LOVE IT!!! I woke up Weds/Thurs morning feeling so good!! I haven’t weighed myself, but all my clothes are getting bigger on me!!


Time: 56:30
Cals: 524
Max HR: 180 bpm
Avg HR: 143 bpm

Thoughts: This workout was SO  quick. The last 15 minutes were packing up and talking to a couple with a really pretty husky. We did two sets of training in 42 minutes, craziness! I remember when it took us an hour to do that. So I look at it as a huge jump in conditioning now that we shaved 18 minutes off the time :-).

The light is pretty much done at 7:30 now. We barely just make it before it’s completely dark out, but we still had a lot of fun. These days its about 70-75 degrees mid day, and just gets colder. BUT we are looking forward to doing Sunday training in the cold/snow!! Those will be fun pictures!!

Last night after training, I made protein shakes, had a quick dinner, jumped in the shower and got to play my video game with Cor and our friend before I had to head to be. I did wake up around 1am to Cor still playing, and just couldn’t get back to bed though.  So Cor jumped off and got into bed with me finally. I love that guy 🙂

Today will be another day off. I’m very tired since I didn’t sleep that great last night and I’m too sore to weight train today. But I’d rather have a good rest day, and hit it hard tomorrow and Sunday.

Saturday is going to be an awesome day. I’m going to my friends to check out a tractor tire he found for us. Hopefully it’s just as heavy or heavier than the last. He forgot to grab numbers off of it, so I’m not sure yet of the weight. After that, I have a trail run & weight training to do, then it’s to a friend’s out for a short while for his B-Day, and then relaxing for the rest of the time. Sunday is obstacle training at 11am, and we have some plans to switch it up…aka make it harder!

Hopefully this new tire will work out 🙂

Updates tomorrow, WOOO!!


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