Good morning! It’s a lovely Tuesday here in Boston before downpours tomorrow. It’s nice not sweating profusely after I just showered because I have to walk 4 blocks to work. Woo!


Originally I was going to do Tabata, but with going to bed late last night and still being half asleep at the gym, I know I need a rest day (tomorrow), so I hammered out 45 minutes of mixed cardio.

Elliptical: 15 minutes
Cross Training: 22 minutes
Bike: 8-9 minutes

Total Time: 45:41 (Not including warmup & cooldown)
Cals: 440
Max HR: 175bpm
Avg HR: 147 bp


Thoughts: It wasn’t too bad. It took a little longer this morning to wake up, but I ended up really working the resistance, especially my hamstrings, glutes and calves. They were the first muscles to give up when hill running (my quads are freaks). The first 15 minutes was on the elliptical doing hill intervals, then I jumped on the cross trainer where I worked on high knees and heavy resistance intervals. I worked on peaking my HR even 5 beats, with one minute on lvl 8 – 10 to reduce the lactic acid/pressure. Then I’d put the resistance back up to lvl 16-20.

Last night was poopy. I had to go food shopping, chop up some food, make protein drinks and do the dishes/pack/etc after staying at work till 6. Corey had school and we were both kind of grumpy. We had a tiff about bills, womp. So I left to go get gas and bring in our new drawer set. He came into the room and apologized for being grumpy and gave me a big hug. As did I. We laid there and laughed. I don’t like arguing over bills because they are what they are but he jumped on me too quickly when I was just trying to get on the same page with him. No more talking about bills when we are tired and cranky!

I fell asleep around 10:30 (eh). Corey got into bed around midnight, snuggled up and we fell asleep again. I don’t think I even dreamed, that’s how tired I was.

I got up this morning around 4:50, hit the snooze until 5:05…oops! Tomorrow is a much needed rest day. I also get to sleep an extra 30 minutes =O But because it’s going to be monsoon outside, I do have to leave early so traffic won’t fuck my life up.


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