Happy Monday to everyone, although Monday’s aren’t the best days, it gives us a new week to kick some ass!

This past weekend was alright, I didn’t really have much time to relax, but at least I got a lot done. And I’m not going to talk about Patriots football game. At all. Fuck.

Anyhoo, Friday ended up being very relaxing. We all sat down to watch a movie and chill out after dinner. Of course I was out like a light first. Saturday we woke up kind of late because well, the bed just felt way too good. I got up, made breakfast, cleaned a little bit, kissed my boyfriend goodbye and I was gone for the day.

Corey and his friends had a flip cup tourney to go to while I’d had tons of shit I needed to knock off my list.

– Cleaned Car
– Went to the store to buy another drawer set for the bedroom and for the kitchen
– Went to see my dad ❤ with my mom and had lunch with her
-Took my dogs for a walk while I went running
– Got back to my place and did two loads of laundry & folded them
– Did the dishes, organized our crazy about of snacks and tuppawear
– Cleaned our whole fucking room
– Re-arranged our clothing space, folded more clothes
-Took out the trash, emptied out all of the bottles/cans/trash in our bedroom
-Cleaned the living room
-Somehow ate dinner in there
-Showered, shaved and stretched
-Finally sat down to pay some bills
-Fell asleep around 10.

It was a busy busy day. Corey didn’t get home till around 2am. I can never really sleep without him, I just toss and turn until I heard the front door. I sound lame, but it’s more so making sure he made it home okay. He stumbled in and was amazed at how clean our room was, we chatted and he told me about his night, threw off his clothes and jumped in bed, wrapped his arms around me, kissed me and passed out. Meanwhile, I’m wide awake!! AHGHGHGH. I laid there listening to the fan while he quietly snored into my shoulder. Eventually I did fall asleep around 3am.

Saturday’s run was short and sweet. It wasn’t my usual trail because it was later in the day and my energy wasn’t that great. It was around 2 miles or so, so I’m going to count it more so a recovery cardio day because the tempo was slow.


Sunday, we got up around 830am to make some breakfast. The guys were hung over and decided to post pone the obstacle training till after the football game. I had to do some foot shopping. I also wanted to hang out with my family to watch the first half. So I planned on grabbing food so I didn’t have to do it later, but since it’s football Sunday, the entire TWO parking lots of Market Basket was fucking full. F-that.

I drove straight to my moms and we headed over a friends house to watch the game. After lunch, I headed back to our place to relax and get ready for training.

We headed out and got setup around 530pm – which was miserable because of the lack of light and the mosquitoes. Never again. It was great training weather though!


Total Time: 1:19:58
Cals: 694
Max HR: 173 bpm
Avg HR: 139 bpm

Thoughts: I think next week we are re-working the training for Sunday. I find myself not having to work as hard because my body is getting use to the training. So next week we are upping a few things as well as changing the length of the drag bags sprints, etc. So I look forward to working extra hard next Sunday to reinvent this.



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