I always like to challenge myself. Even when I whine, cry, get angry, etc, no matter the emotion, I like to challenge myself mentally and physically. And really, even though I’ve done a lot of training, I’m just a beginner. But now I’m crazy and I consider myself a Spartan. S0, I have to do Spartan things. And since I can’t afford Crossfit, I have to improvise and do my own work which is a lot more time consuming and exhausting.

I like Crossfit. But I find it much more detrimental in the long run than exercise needs to be. I like my joints, I’d like for them to keep my shit attached till at I’m at least 75, or old enough to still whip my own ass.

With that said, maybe sometime in the future I’ll TRY Crossfit. But for the most part, I’m going to consider myself a beginner. I went from a lifter, to a powerlifter, to a lifter to totally switching gears here and wanting to be an obstacle racer.

Last night was Thursday in case you live under a rock. That means I have obstacle training. I WANTED to get some cardio out of the way mid day yesterday, but work was insane and I just needed to finish shit so I could leave at 4:30 and get a jump on traffic.


We only got through two circuits before the sun melted behind the trees and we were lugging shit out in the dark.

Total Time: 1:10:10
Calories: 547
Max HR: 177 bpm
Avg HR: 131 bpm

Thoughts: I was/am still sore from Tuesday’s workout. But I tried my best to push it and get through two sets of hell. I really should shave off about 10-15 minutes of the total time because I started the watch to early and a new guy showed up to the workout. But whatever, it was good to get out of the office, roll in the dirt, and see some friends!




FRIDAY – I Didn’t Know What I Was Getting Myself Into.

I did two workouts. Yes two. It started at 6:51am and ended at 8:35am.

Recovery cardio, foam rolling, stretching & more medium intensity cardio.

Total Time: 57:56
Cals: 442
Max HR: 187
Avg HR: 130

Thoughts: Wasn’t too bad. I felt really good foam rolling and massaging my power hamstrings. They are hurt!! But I warmed up with some stretching & recovering cardio on the treadmill. I then foam rolled for a good 15 minutes and jumped on the elliptical for some medium intensity cardio before my personal training.





Plyometrics, Endurance & Core

Total Time: 38.02 (missing 20 minutes of time)
Cals: 450
Max HR: 189
Avg HR: 166 bpm *****WOO!****

Thoughts: This trainer is AWESOME. At the beginning of my meeting, she asked me my goals. We got in depth about them and what my weaknesses really are. Oh did she exploit them. My favorite parts were the lunge & jump burpees, suicides and wallball slams & throws. Those three really killed it for me. My total time SHOULD have been an hour. My watch decided to stop my time at 57.56? It got all fucked up. So 20 minutes of the first workout should have been on my second workout. But whatever, numbers are just numbers.

My body is very sore. The only other time I felt so weak and tired after a workout was probably after the Spartan Race. I stood in the shower for a good ten minutes with my eyes closed just standing there, alternating between cold and hot temperatures. And right now I could probably take a nap.

So, adding up the cals, in 12 hours I did 3 workouts that added up to: 3 Hours and 16 minutes & 1439 calories.

I consider it an accomplishment. Tonight is ice coffees, a nap, massages with the guy & video games. It’s suppose to be a nice and relaxing night. Tomorrow the guys are going to a flip cup tourney, but since it starts at 2, I won’t be going. I have too much shit I need to do.

Sat. Morning, my mom and I will be heading to my dad’s grave to sit and talk, then to grab lunch, I need to do a trail run and gym session, and when I finally get home, I need to tear apart our room and clean! Corey is suppose to be the DD because A. he doesn’t drink beer and B. We have obstacle training at 9am the next day.

I THINK, ill be beating my personal best on weekly calories this week, but we shall see.




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