The next two days are going to be horrible on my body. At least I have ice packs at my work and freezer at home!

Yesterday was my awesome rest day. I had drinks and some chicken nachos after work with  my friend. I did pretty well 😉
I came home and relaxed with my guy, fell asleep, etc.

This afternoon I have to do some cardio and foam rolling because tonight is obstacle training. I’m basically flying from work right to the field, the guys are going to setup before I get there so we don’t waste any day light. It’s still going to be cutting things close though. Oh wellllll.

Then tomorrow I have my first meet with a trainer at 7:30am. Ooofff. Not sure what her plan is, but she knows I can do pushups, planks, and I use to be a big lifter. I told her my weaknesses. So..I think I’m in trouble.

Saturday is trail running, a gym sess and lots of fucking cleaning. I’ve put it off for too long so now I have to get my ass in high gear and get it over with while Corey is out.

Nothing really exciting going on because work has been insane this week. Hopefully I can finish a post I’ve been working on today!!!


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