This morning was a brand new workout I’ve been putting together in my head for a while. I knew I needed to get more body weight exercises going, so without rambling on and on, heres how this morning went:


Cardio: 1.15 miles

Body WT Exercises

Assisted Pull-ups x 3 sets to failure (120#, 110# x 2)

Dips x 3 sets to failure (around 15 each set)

Pushups x 3 sets to failure (I counted. 20, 18, 15)

Planks x 45s x 3


DB Flat Bench: 25# x 2 x 15, 30# x 1 x 12

Standing Shoulder Press + Upright Rows (Superset)
SSP: 30# x 2 x 10, UPR: 40# x 3 x 12

SLDLs (with ez curl bar)
30# x 1 x 15, 40# x 1 x 15, 50# x 1 x 12

Seated Cable Rows
60# x 3 x 12

Cardio: 0.45 miles

Total Time: 53:21
Cals: 521 (didn’t time cooldown)
Max HR: 190
Avg HR: 148


Thoughts: It was a kick ass workout!! I’m so proud of myself that I put it together and did it with little rest. I kept my average HR up there, so I’m proud of that number. I started off with a .15 mile walk, then a 1 mile run. Then jumped right into body weight exercises, then weighted. A couple of things I had to switch around as you may have noticed from yesterday’s post. The weight part of HW was really busy with trainers so I was kind of confined to one spot. I don’t mind this, but I sure do enjoy going to my planet fitness (use to be a world’s gym, so we have all their old free weights, barbells, benches and racks) on Saturdays to lift more freely.

I got home last night at 7pm after working about 11 hours yesterday. My head was toast. I had enough time to make dinner, protein shakes for Corey and I (he was still at school), lunch for today, clean our field cooler and do some dishes and pack. OY! This is what I mean about turning off my brain. If I think about what I have to do when I get home, I won’t do it. So I go on autopilot and know the sooner I get stuff done, the sooner I can brush my teeth, get in my pjs and jump in bed.

I did get to see little Alice last night for a bit. She wasn’t feeling very well though :-\ She’s not my kid, but I do miss her during the day. Womp!

Corey got home around 9pm last night, I vaguely remember him coming in to say hi, kiss me a bit, tuck me in and let me fall asleep. Since he’s laid off, I think he finally got into bed around 11:30pm. But I was so comatose, he wrapped his arms around me and I was out like a light.

This morning I was already packed, so I got up around 4:40, got dressed, put on my sweats (it was 50 out went I left) and headed out at 5:10am and got to the gym at 6am! Woo!!! Today is also my first CIS with a trainer. It’s complimentary so I kind of have to go and get it done before it expires.

Tomorrow is a much needed rest day and a girls night with my friend. Because Thursday is either obstacle training or a different version of today’s workout, depending on how things go.

I’ll probably update today on my meeting with trainer, see what she says!




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