Yesterday was obstacle training and a very awesome one at that. We did a total of four sets, but added some new stuff in and modified others. We got up pretty early, got ready and got to the field around 8:45am to start setting up. It was the New England weather we all love! Cold, partly cloudy and a bit of a breeze. PERFECT WORKOUT WEATHER!

I wore my UA pin strip pants that haven’t been able to fit in the past few months. BUT THEY FIT SO WELL NOW!!! I love seeing bits of progress here and there it’s awesome!


+ 2 laps x 4 (2 miles) w/two agility ladders at each opposite end of the track.

Agility Ladder Exercises:
1. Two feet in each box / One foot in each box (high knees)
2. Shuffle, left hip leading / Shuffles, right hip leading.
3. One hop, each box / One jump every other box
4. Your choice of 4 previous agility ladder exercise

+ Pushups, 20 x 4

+ Burpees 12 x 4 (slowly increasing these each week)

+ Sandbag, one shoulder squats: 20-30# x 4 x 15 each leg

+ Rock Overhead Press, 4 x 15

+ Sandbag lunges: 15 x 4 (each leg)

+ Farmer Walks w/buckets of rocks, 200 yards non stop x 4

+ Bent sandbag rows: 4 x 15

+ Combat Rope: Three grip/swing styles in one continuse set
+ Drag Bag: We split this up!

1. 2 set of sprints, 200 yards non-stop
2. 1 set of side shuffles, left hip half way, right hip half way. On the way back, run!
3. Backwards shuffles: slow, low and nonstop: 200 meters.

Time: 2:09:53 hours
Calories: 947
Max HR: 170
Avg HR: 120

Thoughts: My whole body was sore from the day before, and since we keep upping numbers and doing new exercises, etc, it definetly takes a toll on my body. But I feel like I’m getting stronger. Saturday was also a big day with trailing running and lifting, usually I split those two up. But I felt good and wanted to go for it.


Monday – Recovery Cardio
So today was probably suppose to be a rest day since my legs are sore from yesterdays backwards drag bag shuffles. My fucking quads are still sensitive. I got up early to hit the gym since I did get a good night sleep. I was out of the house at 5:10am, hit the bank then drove to Boston. The T was late, so even though I was waiting for T at 5:30 am, it didn’t get there till fucking 5:55. AGHGHGH. But it worked out because I only got through about 25 minutes of cardio till I had to stop and foam roll.

Time: 25:26 (Total Time: 41.12 with Foam Rolling and stretching)
Calories: 233
Max HR: 180
Avg HR: 143

Thoughts: It was eh. Nothing special. The foam rolling felt really good though! Tonight is some food prep, folding lots of clothes and getting to bed early. Tomorrow’s workout is new and rather busy, so I have to leave early.

TUESDAYS – Cardio & WT 1

Cardio: 2 miles

Body Weight
Pull-ups x 3 sets to failure
Dips x 3 sets to failure
Pushups x 3 sets to failure
Planks x 45s x 3

Flat Bench Barbell Press x 2 sets to failure
Standing Shoulder Press x 3 sets
SLDLs x 3 sets
Single Arm DB Rows x 3 sets


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