Let’s get the bad shit out of the way. Well, it’s not really bad. It’s just that I feel bad.

I did cardio yesterday for about 40 minutes. It was an average of 130 for HR, so it wasn’t heart pumping cardio. Today I’m fucking sore from it. Really?! Sore from gym cardio?! Wtf.

So I need a break. Either I’m getting sick or my period likes to fuck with my mind. Could be both, just say’n.

For all you ladies that read my blog, I know there are millions of you…just kidding…Here are a few signs of when you’re exhausting yourself and doing more bad than good:

1. You’re sore. All over. Consistently. You aren’t recovering, even when you rest. What you think might be the smallest or lightest impact as far as exercise, might be what’s exhausting you further. Take a damn break. Trust me, I hate it. It actually fucks with my dignity that I have to listen to when my body is saying: “IM FUCKING TIRED.”

2. No amount of sleep alleviates you from “feeling” exhausted. I don’t mean tired, I mean your eyes are stinging even after you’ve had 8 hours of sleep. Your muscles are tired, your HR won’t rise, and you feel like you’re running a marathon when you’re just walking to work.

3. Crankiness. This is one of the biggest signs for me. Either I’m hungry, horny or tired. Yep, I just said that. Those three reasons are usually the only reasons I’m cranky/bitchy/grumpy/sensitive – whatever.

4. Hunger. Hunger is usually different for everyone. I don’t really eat when I’m depressed anymore. I only want to eat like crazy when I’m getting my period. This sucks. So I try to the best of my ability to give myself a break, but not go crazy. It’s a fine line, but you have to allow yourself some slack without destroying your hard work. I do this by eating low butter popcorn (smart pop), Kemps Frozen non-fat, no sugar added yogurt, oatmeal, green beans or something crunchy veggie wise.

5. Combine all four previous symptoms and I’d say you need 1-2 days break. Maybe even longer if you actually have the sniffles, a pounding headache or insomnia. I swear to god, when I get really sick, sleep evades me. Which is how I turn into a raging mucus monster. It’s not pretty.


With all that said, I’m drinking a pumpkin, skim milk iced coffee and I actually feel more tired than when I woke up. BUT, there is good news involved in my rambling, and it’s that yesterday HW’s Fitness Director signed me up to start studying for my personal training certs!!! FOR FREE!! This is huge for me!!

I’m so pumped. I have a year to complete the courses and take my exam/CPR courses. WOOO!!! This means I can run my own obstacle course LEGALLY!!!! But I’m getting ahead of myself. I opened up the textbooks, pdfs and videos and it will be a big challenge. I’m not an exercise science major and I certainly forget my biology. But who cares! I love this shit!!

I have the first four chapters printed and ready to go!!


So this weekend I’m not sure what the plan is to be honest. I have a lot of ideas and kind-of plans. Tonight I’m having dinner with my awesome mom. Tomorrow night I’m having dinner and drinks with my friend DeAnna (SEE I WRITE ABOUT YOU!). That means today and tomorrow are my off days. I want to do trail running on Saturday, but if I keep forcing myself to workout and not get some sleep and recover, it’s going to be counter productive.

So Saturday I have trail running and back/biceps with my friend Amanda. I also plan on visiting my dad too with some flowers. Sunday is obstacle training and packing for the week. I also have to play my bills too.

I’m also writing a lengthy blog about “Attitude”. It will probably be posted last today if I can get it done during lunch time. It’s some tough love, but don’t forget, I’ve been there too. So when you’re reading it, keep in mind I’m speaking from experience and not because I have the “I’m better than you attitude”, what, you think I’m a cross-fitter? Teehee. Just kidding cross-fitters, but you do have to admit, there are a lot in the cross-fit world that carry the elitist ego around on their heads like LOOK AT ME, IM A CROSS-FITTER, IM SO BETTER THAN JESUS.



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