Recently I’ve been getting some requests for a crash course in “proper” dieting & training routines. This is not what I’m going to write about, I only do that for friends. But, in that realm of diet advice, nutrition, workout routines, lays a very delicate problem that I’m just going to blurt out: attitude.

People’s attitude towards difficult things is often negative, defensive and very challenging to deal with. Let’s start with the shit I already know:

I know exercise is hard.

I know exercise requires time.

I know very little of the world’s population wants to go out and exercise.

I know that people are often in the dark about HOW to exercise.

I know that there are many physical, emotional, and mental obstacles that people might encounter before, during and after exercise/weight loss/weight gain.

I know that exercise takes practice.

I know everyone’s goals are different.

I know the different between excuses and facts.

I know the difference between WANT and NEED.

I know the difference between helping and hurting.

So, if you’re still interested in reading, please know that I don’t believe in censorship. I like to swear and use it in my everyday vocab. So if swearing or rude-honesty hurts your feelings, please exit and go to

I’m interested in helping people because there are some that truly want to change. And that’s the first step to admitting that your lifestyle isn’t a model for health. I live in reality. I don’t get to sleep in; I don’t get meals made for me, or go to photo shoots or get to be on the cover of magazines. I have a busy life. I do other shit in my day other than sit in the gym or measure peanut butter. I have other crap that’s on my plate, let me repeat: I LIVE IN REALITY.

So I understand that finding time is tough to fit into a daily schedule. I don’t however like people’s attitudes toward adjusting their schedules in order to FIT THE GYM IN. I hear this a lot. “I HAVE NO TIME.” They get mad at me, huff and puff and look at me like I’m so magical time fairy that will grant them more time to make their lives easier. Well, I don’t really have any sympathy for you. So if you think that and are getting offended right away, please know that if exercise/fat loss/gains are that important to you, your attitude wouldn’t be so negative towards making time.

Please note my bed time which is 9 p.m., my wake up time which is 4:45 a.m. and my 6 a.m. gym sessions before working 9 hours, then driving home in an hour of traffic. I STILL have to make protein shakes, eat dinner, clean a bit, shower, drive to and from work, etc on a daily basis. But I had to realize that in order to get from my starting point to my goals; I have to put in the work. I had a fit. I had a tantrum. I actually questioned my sanity. But, in order to reach goals, you do have to put in the work. Right? You do have to work for a paycheck, correct? You do have to get in your car to go anywhere, right? (Unless you’re a city dweller). So what makes exercise different than anything else in your life?

Your attitude defines how you react to certain situations. We are humans, we have flaws, we do dumb shit. But sometimes we can do awesome, amazing things when we put our minds to it. Like a guy on T.E.A.M EXTEREME that did a Spartan Race about two weeks ago. The guy had fucking one prosthetic arm and NO LEGS. If that guy can say, you know what, “FUCK THIS, IM DOING IT”, then you with two arms and two legs can do the same. It’s all about attitude and taking what life throws at you and turning it to your advantage. Yes, it may suck. But that’s life, it’s a hard concept that some people haven’t learned at the ripe age of 25.

So, if you find yourself lying in bed one morning, when your alarm clocking is blaring and you hate the world, remind yourself why the fuck you have to get up. When I lived at home, I put a picture of my fitness idol on my ceiling above me. So when I woke up or went to bed, I was reminded why I needed to actually move and start the day.

But…some people are difficult. Some people’s eyes glaze over when I start to try and pump them up. Or they get this scared, deer-eyed look in their eyes. Maybe, it’s a feeling of being overwhelmed or  it’s the realization that they aren’t trying as hard as they could – I’m not sure. But whatever it is, their sentences always start with “I can’t because…”

You know what you CAN’T DO? Give anymore damn excuses!


When I help someone, the worse things they can do are:

  1. Give me excuses
  2. Not educating themselves.

I’m not going to hold your hand through this. I’ll show you to the water, but I can’t make the horse drink! If you aren’t going to educate yourself because you’re too stubborn or you think that there is some magical awesome diet that will do the dirty work for you, your attitude sucks.

Reevaluate your goals and the reasons behind them. Don’t push your shit onto excuses because you can’t or won’t open a web browser and do some damn research.

Okay, I sound like a bitter old woman complaining people not bagging my groceries right.

You get the point however, and if you don’t, please leave me a detailed comment on which part confused you.

I will say that people do surprise me. Once reality kicks in and things start to go their way, it’s easy to get more motivating thoughts and push them into action…you might see a little bit of weight loss, or more stamina or your clothes fit better – this doesn’t happen consistently. It happens at different points in time when your body feels it is the right time. Your body knows how hard you’re working, and will respond to it. It will also try to stop you from losing or gaining weight because…well, that’s what the body does: it balances.

You put it through tons of hard work and its first initial reaction is to make sure you aren’t dying. “Oh, you aren’t dying from starvation? You’re feeding me good stuff, okay, I’ll kind of cooperate..but only for a little bit.” Your body sees a deficit in calories and increase in physical exertion and it will lose fat/muscle/what have you, to bring the body back into balance. It will say, “Okay, here are the calories that you are in taking. I have to match that!”  Then it will take that much more for your body to continue to lose weight because of the needed increase of exercise. It’s a wheel. Personal trainers and nutritionist know how to work this wheel. It’s dialing up exercise and eating smart. It’s finding the groove that makes your body click – your metabolism is the key usually…unless you’re a genetic freak. But I’m not really speaking for them because let’s face it, I have not been blessed. My body wants me fat.

My boyfriend can eat three double whoppers with cheese and not gain weight. Well those people are what I like to call Assholes. Not in a negative sense, but out of pure jealousy. I do love him though, so there’s a bit of underlying humor there. But really…who can eat three double whoppers with cheese and not gain weight?

Back to it. The whole point of my previous rambling is to say that even when we think we have perfected our workout routines, our diets, etc, our body will everything it needs to keep a certain level of normalcy and balance throughout. It will always respond to your nutrition, first and foremost. So whatever you don’t eat or whatever you DO eat, it will respond. Same thing goes for exercise. But I find that nutrition is a lot more important.

Your attitude defines how well you adjust to these changes. You need to always been switching up your work, your diet, the foods you eat, etc. You need to make life interesting, and that goes for your body too. A cross-fiter is working to be a cross-fitter, not a golf pro. They don’t do the same training. So when you first establish your goal, you have to train for it.

For a long time I was training like a bodybuilder. But since I feel in love with obstacle racing, I can’t train like a bodybuilder. I have to know how to sprint, climb, jump, etc. Bodybuilders don’t do so. Ya dig?

So, your attitude can stop you dead in your tracks or you can suck it up and realize you have some work to do and get to it. You won’t believe how fast a few months can pass, and if you’ve been putting in the hard work, you’ll be seeing improvements little by little. Just don’t give up. Because then you’re a quitter. And only spitters are quitters. 😉


3 thoughts on “Attitude – What Could Go Wrong?

  1. great post 🙂 I couldn’t agree more. I recently started doing Insanity and maintaining a positive attitude hasn’t been easy on my journey to weight loss and my ideal or whichever, but I now stop myself whenever I find myself complaining internally or being negative because all it does is hinder me. Plus, my positive attitude, hard work and dedication are paying off – I’m already 5 lbs down! x

  2. I sound like a big meany when I talk about attitude. But honestly, that’s what helps us push through our “limits”. That is awesome news and I’m so glad you you’re keeping up with it! The best part is, the longer you stay consistent and kick some ass, the better the pay off will be. Woohoo!!!

  3. Yeah but I think we need to be jolted out of our bad habits to change. For me, I did it myself but some people need someone else to kick them into high gear. I’ve been doing week 1 of Insanity for 2 weeks now (that’s how difficult it has been for me), but Ive been super consistent at least 3-5 times per week and I finally finished a workout yesterday all the way through barely stopping once. That’s what I keep telling myself – just power through the 90 days and then you can take a break. But then I don’t really want a break haha. thanks for the words of encouragement x

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