Thursday and Friday Re-Cap

Thursday night was sooo much fun!! We got to the field around 6:10pm to setup, stretch and warm up. It makes me so sad to see the sun going down so soon… But we got right to it and didn’t slow down. We only had four people last night so we kicked some serious assage. Yep, assage.

Running is getting easier for me. Not too much easier, but I can see more and more progress every time I step onto the field to run.

Here is the obstacle re-cap, to the best of my shitty memory:

Run Laps x 2 = .5 miles (give or take)
Pushups x 1 x 20 (real ones, no girly pushups here!)
Burpees x 12
Sandbag Squats x 1 x 15 each leg/shoulder
Overhead Rock presses 1 x 15
Sandbag Lunges x 15 each leg
Farmer walks w/buckets
Combat Rope x 3 continuous sets (various shoulder/arm work & combinations)
Bentover sandbag rows
Drag bag (about 50-65lbs) runs about 200 meters

You do this circuit 3 times! We finished this in our FASTEST time ever since we started!!! 54.15 minutes!!!! WOOOO!!!! So excited! The guys did a .5 mile run after, but I knew I had my first class today I wanted to save my legs. (I know, I’m a puss, but I heard this class is fucking tough).

Here are the numbers:
Time: 54.27 minutes for the workout (1:27:45 total with packing up and walking out )
Calories: 533 (658 total)
Max HR: 184 bpm
Avg HR: 156 bpm *** wooo!!!! Any average 155bpm or over is awesome!!***

Thoughts: Just so everyone knows, I add the cals from cooldown/packing up to the actual workout because we have to lift and carry the equipment out. That include kettlebells, drag bag, four buckets, coolers, combat rope, sandbag, etc. So it’s not easy to haul all that shit out. And it’s a good walk too, not just straight off a typical field.

So last night was nice after we finished. Iced down, proteined up, showered and slept like a baby. It was hard getting up this morning. Buttttt my motivation to go on vacation and get the day over with helped me get my ass up….my sleepy boyfriend cuddled in bed did NOT however. He just gave me the sleepy eyes and smile and kissed me goodbye several times to make me stay. Bastard!!! Just kidding!!



Today (Friday) my boss got me to sign up for a class called BURN. I was a little nervous with my shin since I knew it was on treadmills and it was an hour long. Eeeep!

We started with a warm up job..then it started:

  1. Set the treadmill to 15% incline. Jog at 6-7mph. Every 1 minute, the incline decreased by 5%.
    You work your way down to 1%. Take a 1 minute break, then grab a pair of dumbbells.
  2. The first circuit was DB squats with overhead press. I grabbed the 15lbers. Do that 10 times.
    Then, get down on the ground and do single arm rows, but in a pushups position. Do that ten times for each arm. THEN, you do sideways hill climbers, ten reps for each side.

You do that ciruit 3 times.

  1. Jump on the treadmills. Set the incline to 10%.
    1 minute sprints, 1 minute rest
    1 minute sprints, 50 second rest
    1 minute sprints, 30 seconds rest
    1 minute sprints, 20 second rest
  2. 1 minute rest
  3. Circuits again! This time you are doing forward and backward lunges with DBs. Do 10 reps for each leg. Then its right into pushups. 1 pushups, each arm taps the opposite shoulder. Do those 10 times. Then its situps with sidetwists. Do those 10 times each side. Do that circuit 3 times.
  4. Jump on the treadmill for a tabata style workout. This SUCKED. 8-12% incline. Jog for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. Do that 8 times.
  5. Set treadmill to 12% incline, walk to cooldown. Every 30 seconds, decrease incline by 2% till at 0.
  6. Then you are done.

IF you want to burn 600 cals in ONE workout, here you go.

Time: 54 minutes
Calories: 581
Max Hr: 195 bpm
Avg Hr: 165 ****HOLY SHIT****

Thoughts: If I could afford it, I would take this class once every other week or to replace my Thursdays since soon obstacle training won’t be able to be done once we get into the fall sunlight.  I’m already sore sitting here at work. My body hurts. But it feels good. The shower afterwards was one of the best ones I’ve ever had. WOO!!!  I’m heading up to NH till Monday, so there will be no updates till then. However, Saturday workout is planned: hill running. Oh yes. Very excited to do this again. The weather is suppose to be cool and fall-like, so this is perfect. Sunday is my planned rest day. Maybe at most some swimming, kayaking, etc. But nothing planned. Monday is obstacle training with the crew. So after that I’ll be back to updating!! HAPPY LABOR DAY/WEEKEND GUYS!!!




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