My metabolism is either on fire or my incoming period (I know you all needed to read that) is making me hungry, but DAMN, I’ve been hungry.

I know I’m doing a lot more activity, so I guess I just have still eat small, but eat bigger.

Usually I end at 1700-1900 cals for the day, but since Thurs and Sundays are big cal days, workout wise, I don’t mind eating an extra 200-300 cals. I burn between 800-1200 each time 😉

Right now, I just devoured this:

Omg they are sooooooooooooooo good. It’s a veggie mashup that is suppose to look and taste like chicken patties. I love them. They are higher in carbs than I would like, but fuck it, today is balls-to-zee-wall day down at the field.

It’s so nomnomnomastic. I’m finishing my jello and summer squash right now. I did NOT do a workout this morning. Fuccckkk that. I’m not ready yet. I’m a little sore from running yesterday and I don’t want to push my shins since tomorrow, after the obstacle training, I have to do a BURN workout class with my boss. Not have to. But usually Fridays are my day off. But I’m gonna kick some ass. 🙂

Till tonight’s update, have a wonderful thursday guys!



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