Sup guys.

As I said earlier, I slept in today because I was exhausted. I got an extra hour of sleep before I had to get up and get ready. I went for a run on my lunch break, which I’m pretty excited about. It was good to get out of the office since I have been here since 7:30am. Eesh.

It was only a 2.13 mile run, but it was awwweesooomee.

Cardio: Run / Step Climber

Time: 30 minutes flat (37.something for cooldown)
Distance: 2.13 miles on treadmill
Calories: 286 35% fat
Max HR: 183 bpm
Abg HR: 153 bpm

Step Climber – 5 minutes
Treadmill, 20.44 minutes


Thoughts: Overall, thats a great run for me. It has been a big struggle to feel well while running. My shin always tightened up and I couldn’t run for shit, let alone do 2 miles at once. I felt a little discomfort in my shins, but NOTHING compared to what it use to feel like. I think slowly it’s getting better and better and I’m so damn excited. I’m hoping I can push it to 2.5 miles next week, and so on. WOO.

Tonight is shaunadoesnothing night. Which means, I pack for thursday, eat dinner and do nothing. Maybe through some shit together for NH this weekend. But other than that, NADA.

Tomorrow is obstacle training as usual. But tomorrow morning I might get in 20 minutes of step climber work just because. We’ll see how I feel in the AM. Either way, tomorrow is gonna rock. I know we are out a tire, which I really fucking miss, but just getting out in nature, doing crazy shit with my friends is such a huge stress reliever. Not to mention there is no Sunday workout, so Im gonna do balls to the wall tomorrow. 🙂


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