Two Week Plan / Labor Day Weekend

Sunday – Obstacle Training AM
Monday – OFF
Tuesday – Chest / Triceps, Step Climber 20 minutes AM
Wednesday – Treadmill Run, Foam Rolling AM
Thursday – Incline Run AM, Obstacle Training PM

** NH **
Friday – Back/Biceps, Rowing AM (at HW)
Saturday – Hill Runs (will be up North)
Sunday – Kayaking (will be up North)
Monday – Obstacle Training or OFF**/ NH **

Tuesday – AM Chest / Triceps, Treadmill Run 1.5 miles
Wednesday – OFF
Thursday – Inclune Run AM, Obstacle Training PM
Friday – Back/Biceps @ Planet Fitness PM
Saturday – Trail Running

Thoughts: I’ll take pics of what the hill and lake look like up North at my lake house. The dirt hill is a fucking monster to run up and dare I saw comparable to the hill mountain we ran at Amesbury? Yup. In my prime, I ran up and down that thing four times one day. That was the most I’ve done before I wanted to die.

Hopefully with the obstacle training and the recent up in trail running/running in general, I will see some results in hill running. I have seen results in running overall though. It’s a slow progression. But yesterday we opened up with almost .5 mile run and I kept up with the guys for the most party. Wohooo!!


Ps. Like my featured photo?! 😉


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