It’s Monday again. But it’s also one day closer to a three day weekend, which makes me a very happy girl.

We’ll be heading to NH for the holiday and I plan to relax, run hills, kayak, eat, drink, and sit on my boat. It is a much needed weekend. With Corey being laid off, and me missing that place like hell, it’s killing me it’s still 5 days away…technically 4. Yeah let’s go with 4.

Friday night la sucked. Saturday I went for a run which is alright. My shin started to act up, but I made it through a solid 2.something mile run. I haven’t calculated it yet. I don’t think it matters though.

Saturday: Trail Run

Trails: About 2.7 miles
Time: 29.35
Calories: 265
Max HR: 179
Avg HR: 148

Sunday: Obstacle Training
Time: 2 hours & 14 minutes
Calories: 1054
Max HR: 183 cpm
Avg HR: 135 bpm

Thoughts: We all went out Saturday night, but since I wanted a great workout in the am, I stopped drinking early & sobered up pretty fast. We left the party at 10:30ish, I fell right asleep but the guys were up till about 1am or later. Also, someone took our tire. Yep. the 450lb tire was gone. We saw drag marks where it was and we knew kids with ATVs took it. We’ve seen them before drive around with it tied to the back of a 4-wheeler. The guys followed the drag marks and it led to someones house. So I’m going to check after work if they put it back or else we’ll be in the market for a new tire. Oy.

I got a pedicure with my mom, made my lunch, had a two hour nap and went to the movies.

We saw expendables 2 last night – holy testosterone! It was awesome though, great way to end the weekend. Now I’m back to work and left a sleepy boyfriend this morning, who did the meanest thing ever: gave me the puppy eyes and wanted me to stay home. Argghh.

But today is my day off from workouts, so we have a nice relaxing night planned 🙂
Also today I have to research some new outdoor exercises, homemade equipment and a place that has a tire if we need to replace it. Joy!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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