Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I love you!

I get to go home, have a massage night with my guy, and relax. So today I took a lunch time break and went to work out. Today I had back/biceps/shoulder mix w/cardio.

Warmup: 1 mile run on treadmill

Assisted Pullups: 100lbs offset (Yep, I’m terrible!) x 3 sets x 12
WG PDs: 60# x 1 x 13, 70# x 2 x 12
CG PDs: 70# x 3 x 12
Seated Rows: 60# x 3 x 15
Upright Rows: 30# x 3 x 12
Bicep Curls: 30# x 3 x 10

Step Climber: 7 minutes

Total Time: 45.01
Cals: 322 45% fat
Max HR: 179 bpm
Avg HR: 131 bpm

Thoughts: Doing this workout at my new gym is weird. I feel like I’m in the way of the trainers a lot of times. But I keep doing my thing. I need to do more lifting next time, but I’m pretty sore all over today from yesterday’s hell. Next friday however, I’m going to add more bicep work, DB shoulder press and 2 more sets of pullups.

Tomorrow is trail running, more vegging, pedicures and a birthday party. Woo!! HAPPY WEEKEND!!


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