A little update.

Today is obstacle training. I haven’t done a morning workout in two days, so I’m very antsy. My ankle/shin feels great. I used an icy hot sleeve on it yesterday and iced it down last night.

I also wore my Nikes today. I’m pretty sure they don’t follow the “business casual” dress code here, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I can’t wear anything but full support shoes for long periods of time.

Last night was a long ride home. I guess a 14 year old boy got hit on the highway, which caused backup almost 13/14 miles long. L So I got off the nearest exit and took all backroads home. On a side note, I can’t even imagine the mother’s reaction to seeing that. She was in the car when he got out after they pulled over in the breakdown lane. Eesh.

I did get to play with my “niece”. It’s in quotations because I’m not married to Corey, but I feel like its short than saying “my boyfriends, brother’s daughter” every time I talk about her. It’s been almost 3 years; I’m okay with shortening it.

She is a ball to play with and be around. We played a game where I’d put stuff animals on her head and she knock them off and throw them at me. I’m pretty sure I was having a lot more fun with it, but since she was smiling and laughing too, I was 100% okay with getting assaulted by stuffed animals.

I went to bed around 10pm since I knew I didn’t have an early workout. Since Corey is laid off for a bit, he stayed up, played his video game and then stole my body heat. I say stole because I was half asleep and I felt him jump into the bed and grab onto me like a jetpack.

Today I’m restless. Can you tell? I have nothing in particular in my mind other than to kick some ass tonight, up my cardio, shower, protein shakes and going to bed next to my guy. I’m exciting.

Other obnoxious thoughts today:

I can’t sleep if Corey isn’t in the room. I don’t know. I get anxiety that something bad is happening outside the door and I won’t know till it’s too late. Maybe it’s time to lay off the scary movies for a while?

I feel bad I didn’t go to the Red Sox game last night with my mom and brother. But I know I wouldn’t have gotten home till it was wicked late and that will fuck up my sleep & my workout. Am I a bad person?

I need a nap.

I wish my iPhone cover didn’t suck or cost $50 dollars. Meh.

Do you think rich people or the government realize how much $40,000 could do for an average no-body like me?

How do you transport shampoo and conditioner without them exploding in your gym bag?
Better yet, how can you prevent the “WHAT IF I NEED 100 OF THESES?” when packing for the gym? I think I have a packrat issue.

I do not like Facebook and people’s righteous life bullshit talk. But yet I keep reading it and laughing.

I like to physically cross shit off my to-do list. But then I don’t like how messy it looks.

The homeless-looking people yell at me for change, but how can I tell them I live paycheck to paycheck without sounding like a douche; better yet, what if they aren’t homeless? Hm.

I like to people watch. But I tend to stare. Sometimes I feel like people are judging me based solely on that.

I drive to and from Boston every day. But most of the time I don’t remember the drive there or back home because mentally I’m not paying attention, I just put myself on auto-pilot. Does anyone else do that? It sounds horrible, actually. But subconsciously I am paying attention.

I don’t like to tell people my dreams. They are weird and fucked up and are so vivid, it’s like I’m watching a movie. I look forward to sleeping though.

Will I look good with short hair? I’ve been struggling with this.

Welcome to my mind.


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