What a laaaaaaaaaaaame morning. I woke up early and knew I had to take the day to rest my shin/ankle/ACS. It down right hurt. And since I haven’t planned a day off this week, I thought today would be the best day to rest up and relax.

I have an icy hot patch on right now and it’s helping a lot. Yesterday after work I ran around like a maniac and cut veggies up until almost 9pm last night. So I’m toast.

I’ve also decided that I’m going into work early every day, even if I don’t hit the gym. I can’t fucking stand morning traffic. People are such retards when it comes to driving. I don’t mind it on the way home though. It goes by pretty fast.

OH well! I had my 50 grams of protein this morning and now I’m off to eat oatmeal 🙂

Tomorrow is obstacle training, so I want to be nice and ready. I’m upping my laps from 2 to 3 tomorrow. So without the .5 mile run at the end, that’s about 2.8 miles tomorrow. Go big or go home baby!!!

Also, I’m so fucking hungry these days!!!! agh!!!!


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