Hey guys, just doing a quick update. I’m going to try and do this every saturday so I keep myself accountable every weekend! I tend to slack off during the weekend as far as diet goes…

But last night I got home, relaxed, we headed to do some errands and played video games till 1am. Yeah buddy!

Today (saturday) morning, we got up at 10:50am! I couldn’t believe we slept that solid till almost 11. It felt awesome. I got up, made breakfast for Cor and I, then I got ready to go running 🙂

The run was great. It was a little overcast. I thought it was going to pour, but the rain held off. I took a picture but it didn’t save. I ran around a local trail/running area. I avoided as much of the pavement as I could. The run, emotionally, felt good. I loved being out there again, just me, myself and my thoughts.

Time: 34.51 minute (run only, no warm up or cooldown)
Calories: 382
Max HR: 185
Avg HR: 166 *WOOOO!!*

Cooldown: 7.24 minutes
Calories: 72

Total time: 42 minutes
Calories: 454

Distance: around 3 miles!


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