I’m at work 715am. Yeah. I’m retarded. I was so excited to start the Friday, I got here mega early. But at least I get to leave kind early on a Friday??

Last night was FUCKING AWESOME. Why? Because I felt so good. I was tired, I was sore, but I felt so damn good. I got home pretty early, around 5:30pm because again, I got to work mega early. But I had enough time to change, wrap up, and get out the door with the guys for some obstacle training.

I was all cracked out with coffee, excited-ness and more coffee. Seriously, I had a large ice coffee at like 7am and still felt the effects. That’s what I get for backing away from the mass amounts of caffeine I’m use to.

Anyhoooooooooo, we got the field and there was only three of us. I assumed the rest would be coming but we wanted to get out to the field and start setting up. We have very limited light so I didn’t want to waste any time.

Got out there, set everything up and started my two laps (0.4miles total). It was tough, but I feel myself getting stronger little by little. The last three people showed up and got to it.. So total, there was 6 of us and pretty much our team, plus Jay.

We tried to do everything non-stop, but rest after each complete set. We did get three sets in of everything though!! Actually I missed the last round of tire flipping because I was beyond exhausted.

Total Time: 1:35:59
Calories: 870
Max HR: 181 bpm
Avg HR: 149 bpm

Thoughts: As you can see by my Average HR…I did step it up. 🙂 I also weighed myself this morning and guess what? DOWN 11LBS BABY!!!! Yep. I’m not telling you my starting weight just yet, but after three weeks of consistent hard work and changing my eating, I’ve lost 11lbs! Obviously, this is just the start. I’m also in another notch on my belt this morning after a good night sleep. I feel good, real good. Below is my HR pictures after I got into the house and sat down and stripped off my damn shoes. I was exhausted. I cleaned, made protein shakes, brushed my teeth, made Corey’s lunch for tomorrow (Today, since it’s friday), and jumped into bed.


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