Today is obstacle training. And it shall be a muddy one! The rain was pretty steady last night into this morning, but now it’s clearing up. I think we’ll get another round of rain before 6pm too. But hey, it just makes it more fun.

Last night I was really tired for some reason. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had an ice coffee or anything? I don’t know. I went to bed around 830pm. I was also a little cranky because of it. I’m so looking forward to the weekend and just relaxing.

So I promised myself I’d push it, but also not hurt myself or run myself into the ground. Since tonight is obstacle training unless its a hurricane out, I took this morning off from the gym and just slept in a little bit. I did manage to leave early and grab a coffee on the way because I know the rain would make people drive like idiots…which it did. 4 car accidents today on the highway!!!

I’m still a little sore…all the way around haha. My shins are fine however. I think running is strengthening them. And since I didn’t gym it this morning, no heavy gym bag šŸ™‚

I’m realizing I’m hungrier these days. Whether it’s the more frequent meals or doing more training, I wake up STARVING. I look at it as my metabolismĀ revvingĀ up again.

Also, another notch in on the belt šŸ˜‰



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