I totally made up for yesterday’s organization and craziness.

(By the way, I made it to my work before it started to completely downpour)

Corey and I went to bed around 8:45/9pm last night to make up for some sleep. Plus we woke up at 4:30am on the nose today…okay maybe I was more of 4:45ish. But since I was packed already, I put Corey’s lunch together, mine, got all my shit together and got out the door at 5:15am. YEAH BUDDY.

I got to the station around 5:50am, got to the gym at 6:15 and did a solid 36 minute workout WITH stretching before and after, and a nice long shower at the end. I got to work earlier than usual and now I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.

(And now it’s thunder and lightening out)

Wednesday – Cardio & Stretching

Treadmill Intervals & Distance training

Total Distance: 3 miles
Total time for run: 33.21 minutes
Total time overall: 36.06 (not including stretching. I wanted to end the time to make sure my average HR was more accurate)

Calories: 355
Max HR: 191 **Holy shit!**
Avg HR: 156 **Yeah buddy!!!!**


My HR for the interval session.

Thoughts: I keep proving to my self over and over again that I CAN train, I CAN run, I DO have what it takes to reach my goals. I’m just so damn hard on myself and I have to let things go sometimes. I have to keep my head down, focused and always thinking and preparing. I’m on the right track, I just have to KEEP going, keep going harder, longer, faster.

This is who I love to be. This is when I feel the best. But I do know this routine is going to wear me out, so every two months, I’m planning a three-day workout week. That means only three days a week I train. Then the following week, I’m back at it. Every four months, I need a week completely off from training to give my body a break. That will be sometime in November. The 3-day week will be sometime in the beginning of October.

Anyways. I also registered for next year’s Spartan Race. YAAAHH!!!! We have FOUR solid team members so far – and now it’s all about putting in the hard work and training our asses off.

Tomorrow is Obstacle Training, which should be interesting. That means I get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow am…even though I like getting up early because I skip all the bullshit traffic. Maybe I’ll do a little step climber action or cross trainer? No intervals, just a solid 45 minute cardio sess…and stretching? Hmmm..sauna needs a visit too.

Also also, my diet was been really good so far. Except last night I had microwavable bacon…..hahahaah but I was at 1600 cals for the day, so I needed boost to about 1950. Today is a lower cal day, around 1750.


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