My hair was braided by Corey’s aunt
Hair took 2 hours
Uh oh, on the way we saw the rain clouds!
Corey and I sitting on the bus!

Yeeep this is my sexy face


Okay so the AROO  thing is kind of annoying and it makes me think of Kangaroos for some reason. ANY who…

Friday night ended up being a lot of fun, however it POURED basically the entire night. So we knew it was going to be an interesting race on saturday because of all the rain. We had pizza with some friends and watched a movie. Good night.

We got to bed around 10pm. Got up at 6:50am to get ready and put our shit together. Next time, we need to be a little earlier to really take our time and not feel rushed when we got to the park.

Dan came over the house and we left for an early morning breakfast. One of our teammates dropped out the day before, so we were a little worried if Dan would be able to run with us or not because technically we werent a team anymore. But all worked out well. We got to the parking lot, geared up and got onto the school buses. We got to Amesbury Sports Park and hopped off the buses. Holy shit.

The total course was 3.5 miles of pure torture. The first obstacle was running up a FUCKING MOUNTAIN. It was technically a “hill” but it was the hill from hell. At first the incline was gradual, then you got the middle of it and it hit almost 45% incline. You had to step climb this bitch. When I got to the top, my thighs were BURNING. I couldn’t walk. I ran so hard up it, I stumbled and almost fell because of all the rocks.

From there, it was hell. We rounded the corner and there was the start of the trenches filled with cold water, then 4ft walls. It went: trench, wall, window, trench, wall, window, trench wall, window – then about a 1 mile run. Part of it was sand, mud and very little solid ground. We got to the “wooden pegs” in the ground. You had to jump from one, to the next. There was about 8 in a row. The tricky part of this is how small the wooden stumps were, then they were covered in mud and the last four were so far apart, you had to JUMP to the next one. I got to the highest peg and realized the next one was as wide as my stride. I took a deep breathe and jumped, then jumped to the next one, and then the last. I FUCKING MADE IT. So many people fell off and I swear you would break your ankle if you did.

My heart was beating out of my chest. I was not prepared. I believe this is when we hit the woods. It was all mud, thick, tall piles of mud. Slippery roots, terrain and narrow routes through a gradual incline. We got to another obstacle where you had to grab a rope and pull a cinderblock above you to a certain point and then slowly lower it to the ground. I did it perfectly.

We hit more trenches where you couldnt tell where the next drop off was. You’d be walking in 1 foot of muddy water then all of a sudden it dropped and you were swimming. Then…we got to the otherside of the fucking mountain hill. It was all mud, roots and slippery terrain uphill. At the highest point, you had to use your hands to make sure you had steady footing. I got to the top and saw the rope ladders. It was probably about 10-13 feet in the air. You had to rope ladder up it, turn around and rope climb down. Then it BACK down the fucking mountain hill.

This run down it wasn’t too bad. We got to our first watering station, and the only watering station. I didn’t even want to drink water. At the bottom, there was the lateral wooden peg climb. I failed 1/3 of the way in, got yelled at by guy to do “burpees” FUCK. I did 28 of them.

Then we rounded the corner, and we saw sacks of fucking sand waiting for us. I picked one up and trudged up the hill. It was almost my breaking point. This fucking hill was ridiculous. As soon as you got to the top, you had to run down it with the fucking sandbag on your neck. We got done there, dropped off the bag and then HAD TO RUN UP THE FUCKING HILL.

I was so pissed and beat. This was the fourth time going up this fucking thing. But I did it. I couldn’t feel my legs. When we got to the top THERE WAS MORE TRAIL RUNNING. Holy shit. We ran, then got the monkey bars. The trick of these were that they were at different lengths and heights. So I failed this one because of all the mud all over the bars. AGH. 30 more burpees. We ran through more and go to a wide opening….holy shit. We had to jump in another trench, then another, then run more, about .5 mile through more steep terrain. We finally ended up at the rope climb. And I failed that. Three in a row, not good. But luckily I got almost the way there thanks to my heroic boyfriend and pretended to ring the bell. oops.

I ran away very fast!!! It wasn’t a normal rope climb. It was doing it out of 5ft of water. yeahhh us short people didn’t have a great time. We then ran some more, got to the javalin, no one did it and we all did burpees. We then got to the cinder block drags. We pulled the chains over our backs and dragged it about 1/4 of a mile. Then we got to the tire flips. I kicked ass per usual on this..I think the only obstacle I was good at. THEN, we got to the barbed fucking wire. This was the breaking point. We did it the first stretched, rolled over a bail of hay (there was a lot of these fuckers) and had to CRAWL UP A MUDY SLOPE UNDER BARBED WIRE AGAIN. I’m so cut up from this. There were big fucking rocks everywhere.

The last few feet Corey grabbed my arms and pulled me from the mud pile. We ran some more then got to the fucking hill again and WE WERE ALMOST DONE. I screamed Corey’s name realizing we were almost there. He grabbed my hand and we ran down the fucking hill. The girl at the bottom sprayed us with a fucking hose, we had to climb over the wooden paneling and then we were done.


I think I got slightly confused on the order of the obstacles, mostly because there was a lot of running involved and my memory is a little fuzzy.

We finished in an 1.30 hours flat. Not bad. Next year we are going to rock it!! My trail running skills were not where I wanted them to be. And I need to start doing more body weight exercises – this includes rope climbing and pullups. BUT NOW IM ADDICTED.

I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor for obvious reasons. I need it for training, but I did use my new nikes. Ooppss. But I didn’t slip once and my shin made it better than I did!!

Got home and hung around for the rest of the day. We went to the Cheesecake Factory with some friends to end a good day.


Sunday – Obstacle Training

Today I was fucking sore as hell. Not only my muscles, but I have hundreds of scratches, bruises, cuts all over me. BUT. We got up at 8am, ready to get some more training in.

And that we did! We did things slightly different, taking in account of what the SR was all about. We added and modified a few workouts. Overall it took us about 2 hours today.

We. iz. nuts.

Total Time: 2:00:55 hours/minutes/seconds
Total Cals: 847
Max HR: 172 bpm
Avg HR: 129 – can you tell I was tired?

The numbers say it all, I’m tired. My body is tired and my HR showed it. I’m not sure if I’m going to take monday off or not, I haven’t full decided. But I’ll update with more pics!!