Apparently people read this thing. Or at least visit. Anyways, HI!

This morning I forgot to take photos, mostly because I was grumpy. I kept thinking “wow, I’m not going to have any time to get some extra sleep before the race…” Seriously. Alarm  went off at 4:45am and that was my first thought. I’m getting better at just putting my body on auto and getting up though. Corey jumped in the shower and I got everything ready for the day.

Luckily I don’t have to pick up dry cleaning after work 😀 Guess who does?! Hehe. But he gets home around 3:30, so I don’t feel SO bad. But he does got to the gym after work and we always get home at the same time.

OK, so.

This morning…more cardio – but it was harder this time. It was incline running, BADABOOOM.

I don’t know what gets into me. I’m grumpy up until the time I set foot in the locker room and put my stuff away. (Also I left my key card in the locker. Hooray. I have a feeling I’ll be doing that a lot.) And then I start to stretch and I’m like, YOU KNOW WHAT?! Fuck this shit. I want my damn abs. So I warm up by walking and then go for it.

AM CARDIO – incline  / hill training

Total Distance: 1.5 miles
3min – warm up
1min -5.5 mph
3% incline @ 6mph
4% incline @ 6mph
5% incline @ 6mph
1.5 min – 3.5 mph
6% incline @ 6.5 mph
7% incline @ 6.5 mph
7% incline @ 6.0mph
1.5 min – 3.0 mph
14% incline @ 4.0mph
14% incline @ 5.5 mph
14% incline @ 6.0mph
0% incline @ 3.2 mph
2% incline @ 5.5 mph
1.5% incline @ 7.5 mph
Then cool down.

Total time on treadmill: 22 minutes ish

Step Climber Intervals – I was already warmed up at this point so I hauled ass.

Total Time: 12.44 minutes
I don’t remember the exact intervals but ever 1.5 – 2 minutes I would do lvl 14 for 20-40 steps. Then cool down to lvl 4/5, slowly increase, then do the lvl 14 steps again.

Total Cardio Time: 38.25
Calories: 374
Max HR: 185 bpm
Avg HR: 155 bpm **THATS WHERE I WANT TO BE!!!**

Thoughts: I’m awesome….no seriously, I felt good this morning. Despite my bitching, I felt great actually. My shin is doing great. It did still swell today, but it didn’t tighten or tingle. However I literally cannot walk in sandals. I have to stop pushing myself. I had to ice down my shin yesterday because monday I was retarded and walk 1/4 of a mile in sandals with my gym bag and purse. STUPID, SO DUMMY. I know I’m going to have to ice my shin today too. Oy.

I gotta figure out what to do tomorrow…It’s going to be Thursday..which means only two days till the spartan race. I think may lift – but nothing too heavy, just to keep my muscles warm. However I do feel out of place lifting at HW. Everyone around me is either doing some time of body weight exercise, working with a trainer or something else. I mean I don’t get me wrong, they are working out. But I feel like I get stares when lifting. Maybe it’s my muscles. 😉 ……….or that I’m sweating profusely all over the place and they are disgusted. Either way, I’m making a good impression.

Also, here is a pic of my awesome KEMPS FF Frozen Yogurt (No Sugar added Strawberry) ice cream. I literally could drown in this stuff and be okay with it:



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