Who the fuck likes cardio? I mean, actually gets excited? ….Well I guess there are certain forms for cardio that are exciting. He he he.

I’m kidding. The only reason I really dread cardio is that I’m not GOOD at it. I have a bad attitude towards it, but at the end of my workout, I’m like: YEAH LETS DO IT AGAIN, DO IT ALL DAY MFUCKER!” Then I’m in taking a cold shower and I’m thinking “Damn. I need a nap.”

Well, I did it. At 6 :30am, I ran one mile, went on the step climber for 10 minutes and then did the gazelle thing for ten minutes.

BUT…heres the catch…I ran my heart out.

Normally, I’ve been afraid of running. It’s only because of my ACS. (Anterior Compartment Syndrome) in the right shin. It fucking tightens up like a bitch if it gets real bad and sometimes makes my toes tingle. NOT GOOD. So, I’ve been very careful on not aggravating it because not only am I sick of the tension but I have the race this saturday. Yep, I’m doing a spartan race with ACS.

AM Cardio:

2 Minute Warm up
1 mile run
Total time 11:07 but did an 8:13 mile with a cool down afterwards.

Step Climber intervals
2 minutes at 5-7
20 Steps @ lvl 13
Repeat 5 times.

Gazelle Elliptical thing
Random intervals, but trying to work on my lactic acid build up here — level 20 was my enemy, but also my friend đŸ™‚

Total Time: 38.14 mins
Calories: 363
Max HR: 185

Thoughts: I love the sauna. I sat in it for ten minutes. However I can’t figure out how to turn the light on. So I sit in the dark. But that’s okay, I just close my eyes and listen to the music. I then showered, got changed and headed to work.

But I’m very proud of getting up early again this morning even when thoughts seeped into my head about sleeping in. I need to keep this going, I feel so good. Dare I say I’m slowly getting closer to my old self: determined..confident..strong..relentless…motivation..fucking kicking ass.

Slowly I’ll start to increase my running time. But I know I have to take it easy and slowly build up, not jump right into it and fuck things up. I’ll get there.

Also, I’ve been taking photos of my morning commutes because I think they are funny and I like to share my torture with everyone else. I have to use my laptop however because at work I’m on A DELL.


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