Hey guys. So I promised myself with this new job and all, I’m going to hold myself more accountable for my workouts and progress. I got up at 4:50am with my boyfriend, got ready, made our protein shakes, put our lunches together and headed out the door at 5:30am on the dot. I gotta say I was pretty excited to start doing this.

Today is Cardio / Chest / Triceps. I knew I wanted to do the sauna as well and shower after the workout, so this morning was all about figuring the timing of everything.

Two things you should never do on your first day at a new gym: drop weights & almost smash a mirror and get lost.

I did both. The moment I got in there, it was like I never set foot in a gym before. Healthworks Fitness is the only true all women’s gym in MA. Meaning a man can’t join, then when he gets deined membership, he can’t sue. Legally, HW is a bonded, certified, womens only gym.

With that said, I did feel a little better getting lost several times and asking people. So I started with cardio first.

Treadmill: 11:25 minutes / walk for 3 minutes, ran 1 mile

DB Press on Flat Bench:
20# x 1 x 20
25# x 2 x 15
30# x 1 x 12

DB Press on Incline Bench:
25# x 3 x 15

Machine Flys:
50# x 1 x 15
65# x 2 x 12



Overhead DB Exten.
20# x 1 x 16
25# x 2 x 12

Cable Tri PDs
50# x 1 x 15
60# x 1 x 12

Total time: 45:20 minutes
Calories: 304
Max HR: 174 bpm
Avg HR: 124 bpm

Overall I felt really good. I was plenty awake when I started lifting and I’ve always struggled with that. On the treadmill, my shin did swell BUT it didn’t swell as much as it use to running on the treadmill, nor did it feel tight or give me an tingling sensation. I did wear my new nikes and tried to watch how I ran. I pushed myself and felt really strong running. I wanted to go longer, but I knew I had to make sure I got my lifting in.

I sat in the sauna for 10 minutes, got ready, jumped in the shower, got dressed and walked to work. Very cool morning. Now I’m drinking my protein shake and getting ready before everyone comes in the office around 8:30am. Woo!

I wanted to do more this morning, but I knew I needed to do cardio. If I’m going to do more, I need to be here earlier. Ooof. Lifting needs to step up, so I’ll figure something out.

I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. I might do the same morning routine and do cardio and abs. I love missing all the morning traffic and heading home to relax after work. Pics to come!


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