I like my weekends. Well, I LOVE my weekends I get to do anything I fucking want. Friday, got home, don’t actually remember anything for that night. I think I fell asleep on the couch around 10 because Corey woke me to head to bed. Not too exciting.

Saturday – up early to get a lot of shit done. We went out to breakfast, picked up some flowers and visited my dad (it would have been my mom and dads 28th anniversary). So I got to talk to him, Corey got to say a few words and then we headed home to get ready for the gym. It was a quick session, 25 minutes of intervals on the step climber then abs.

Then we got home, showered, had lunch, and our friend picked us up to head to NH to the outlets. Spent some great money on new nikes, nike vintage tank, jeans, shirt, reebok bag, etc. We had dinner with the group and headed to our friend’s going away party.

We weren’t there even 20 minutes when someone told us our friends car got hit and someone took off his mirror and drove away. Womp. So, we left. Got home at 930, past the fucked out.

This morning we were up early to get ready for obstacle training. Our workout lasted 2.45 hours & we started at 10:30 am, it was already 85 degrees out when we left, when we finished it was 88 degrees and humid. Gotta love New England.

New Nikes feel fucking awesome. No swelling, no pain or tingling my shin. LET’S DP THIS. Here’s me being lazy before Hell:

Saturday: Cardio/Abs

25 minutes HITT on Step Climber
6 Sets of misc ab work


Sunday: Obstacle Work

Over all we did:

3 mile run
40 Burpees
Lunges & Squats with the drag bag and weighted sand bag
Rope Swings x 3 sets
Drag bag sprints
Farmer Walks w/buckets of rocks
442lb Tire Flips x 5 reps x 4 sets = 20 flips total

The result?

So now, at 5pm, I’ve showered, iced down, made protein shakes, went to buy protein and made my lunch for tomorrow. I still have to make my guy’s lunch, but I’ll do that after dinner. IM FUCKNG SPENT.

So, five days before the Spartan Race and I’m doing some last minute training.
Tomorrow morning is cardio, chest and triceps, sauna & a shower. I have to pack tonight because I’ll be leaving my house at 5:30am 😦

I’ll post more about my new job and shit. It’s a lot of fun.


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