S0, now that I’m working for a fitness facility, it’s really hard to not think about fitness and nutrition all day long.

Last night was NOT obstacle training. Lame. But, we had drop outs and my guy wanted to go out to have a few drinks. So, after consuming a bottle of apple juice, I had a huge sugar rush and decided to go to the gym to get some cardio out of the way.

Woo. Good and bad idea.

I did about 40 minutes worth – 25 minutes of cardio, 15 stretching.

Yeah, wicked lame compared to my output on obstacle days.
So tonight when I get home, we’re heading to the gym to get some lifting and cardio in. We have some catching up to do.

This new routine is going to take some getting use to however. I’m use to being up early, but now it’s a lot more commuting.

Daily Schedule:

4:30am – Alaram goes off, boyfriend hits snooze till 4:50
4:50am – Put boyfriend’s lunch together and mine, make our protein shakes while he showers.
5:00am – Jump in shower, get ready, put all my shit together.
5:30am – Say goodbye to my boyfriend and continue to pack for the day.
6:00am – Head over to my moms to see my dogs, have coffee/breakfast with her and chill out till about 6:30am.
6:45am – on the highway to Charlestown, usually takes me about 45 mins in the car if its a good day. Usually it is, unless it’s raining, snowing, or people are being extra stupid.
7:30am – Get on the orange line
8:00am – Get to Work
8:30am – Start to work
4:50pm – Get ready to head home
5:00pm – run down the stairs towards the T.
5:40pm – Get to my car.
6:30pm – Get home. Usually it’s around 6:15/6:20ish.
(If it’s Thursday, I haul ass to the field as soon as I get home. If not…)
6:30pm – Eat something & then digest, get ready for the gym
7:15pm – On the road again to the gym
8:30pm – Get home, shower, clean out lunch stuff from mine and my boyfriend’s bags.
9:30pm – If I’m lucky, I’m in bed. Then the day starts over!

3 Days a week I’m going to be coming in much earlier and using the gym here since it’s free and awesome. 🙂

Not sure why I had to type all that, but I guess it’s purging my mind at this point. I need to start bringing a book with me since I do NOT wear headphones on the T for obvious reasons.

I also need a new gym bag, shoes, and some other little stuff to make my commute a little easier.

Also also, Sublime is currently rocking my Friday – so good.


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