I’m alive – surprised? I am. I switched jobs! Yep. I did it. Now I work for a place called Healthworks Fitness. I’m their new designer ūüėČ

The amazing perks of this place is that not only am I a full time SALARIED employee with BENEFITS.

– 50% personal training
– 50% all spa treatment (including nail & waxing!)
– 20% off all group, semi private training
– Free gym $99.99 a month training
– 8 free group classes
– 2 free personal training classes
РFree dietitian consultation
РMonthly & Quarterly bonuses
– 17 PTO days
– Paid Holidays
– Big pay increase ūüėČ
РSauna, Steam Room, Mist Room, Jacuzzi
– Yoga, Pilates, TRX, etc

Over all, amazing change. I love it. IVE STILL been working out.


My spartan race is the 11th, so it’s pretty close. I feel very ready for it, but this week is crunch time, especially for cardio. Tomorrow and Sunday are hardcore obstacle days – pretty much do it as fast as we can with little to no water breaks. Yep.

Monday was off
Tuesday was a double day
Weds. – off
Thursday – double day
Friday – 1 hr cardio sess
Saturday- Outdoor running
Sunday Obstacle Training
Monday – Chest/Tris, Cardio AM
Tuesday – Outdoor running
Weds – am cardio, PM back/bis/abs
Thursday – am cardio
Friday – off
Saturday – obstacle


And that my friends, is the schedule. Tomorrow am I’m doing morning cardio, getting use to the gym and DEF. using the steam room. ūüôā



2 thoughts on “Grab your holsters and your guns…

  1. Thank you!! Hahah yeah the benefits are nice, but its the work environment I have to get use to. Business casual all the way. This girl can’t rock the cut off punisher t-shirts here! haha

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