I’m exhausted. But before I go off on this past week’s interesting details, I need to start journaling my workouts again! I’ve gotten a little lazy, mostly because my life is still nonstop craziness.


So this workout has changed a lot since we started. Now, we do a couple new exercises and mix it up here and there. But yesterday, not sure what got into us, but we decided to make it a 3 hour workout, in the hot sun.

We typically use the wireless ipod speaker Corey got me for my birthday, but we’ve been using it so much, it finally died. SO, we did it without music. Heres the breakdown:

Stretch + Sunblock + Set up field

+ 0.6 mile run

Circuit 1: 
+ Pushups x 1 x 15
+ Weighted Rope: 15 second close grip fast paced swings, 10 double handed high swings, one-two-three swings. (It’s kind of hard to explain, but let’s just say my shoulders and delts are killing me.)
+ Overhead Rock presses
+ Drag bag (70lbs, we upped it considerably this time)
+ Farmer Walks w/Buckets of rocks ( 45lbs ish) a bucket. (we upped these as well!)
+ Tire flips

+ 0.6 mile run

Circuit 2:
+  Front Hill Climbers, Pushups, Side Climbers, Pushups (All four exercises one after another.)
+ Weighted Rope (3 sets)
+ Drag Bag
+ Farmer Walks
+ Tire Flips

+ 0.6 mile run

Repeat Circuit 1

+ 0.6 mile run

Repeat Circuit 2 

Time: 2:50:20 hours
Calories: 1124 (holy fuck)
Max HR: 170 bpm
Avg HR: 135 bpm

Thoughts: Needless to say, it was an exhausting workout. My chest/shoulders are scraped pretty bad because of the tire. I think I’m even building calluses on my shoulder caps. But we finally got done, hauled all of the equipment to the car and drove home. Cor and I stripped down and got off our sweaty, dirty clothes and jumped in the shower. I went food shopping, to the bank, made us protein drinks, made our lunches, worked for a bit, then finally fell asleep like a baby. Cor got up early this morning for work and I felt so bad. He is pretty sore and has some bad allergies too.

During the workout I felt like lead ball. I need to get more cardio in. So this week, my routine is going to change. Lots more cardio.



So today is Monday. After a wonderful birthday weekend, it’s back to the grind. Today I’m at work till 5, then home to get some cardio in. I’m very sore from yesterdays increased running and drag bag weight. Not too mention I’m doing more independent 450lb tire flips. I did 25 yesterday in total, I would say about 15 was by myself with a spotter.

+ Cross trainer: 30 minutes
+ Stretching: 20 minutes

Time: 50.20 minutes
Calories: 239
Max HR: 165
Avg HR: 143




10 mins. Jogging.

DB Flat Bench: 30# x 1 x 15, 35# x 1 x 14, 40# x 1 x 12** YEAAH BUDDY!!
DB Incline Bench: 30# x 2 x 15, 25# x 1 x 12
Pushups x 1 x 60

Tricep Pushdowns: 60# x 3 x 10
DB Overheads + Single arm: 20# single x 3 x 10, 30# double-arm x 2 x 10
Weighted body dips: 25# x 1 x 15, 2 x 15

Time: 1:10:21
Calories: 292
Max HR: 186 bpm
Avg HR: 126 bpm

Thoughts: I was still so damn sore from Sunday here. The warm up jogging was painful hahaha




1 Mile warm up on treadmill
15 Minute Step Climber
20 Minutes Cross trainer

Time: 43:20
Calories: 308
Max HR: 172 bpm
Avg HR: 131 bpm

Thoughts: This is my first AM cardio sess in a while. I need to step it up here. I’m going to get to the gym at 5:15 this time to give me more time.




Just to let everyone know, it was 94 degrees out at 6:15pm when we started. It was 5 of us, so we packed a cooler full of waters and gatorade and headed out. We decided to do only 3 sets since we knew the heat would slow us down a little bit and take a lot out of us. I’m SO glad we only did 3, I think I could have done 4, but that’d be the end of it.

Here’s a photo of how I looked mid workout:

As you can see, dirt and sweat was the main attire here. My pink shirt was destroyed by the end of the workout. Corey made me sit on a towel on the way home 😀 Also, Oakley’s performed awesome with all the water, dirt and sweat. Best 140 dollars I’ve spent in a while.

And HR watch with MAX hr on the left and the AVG hr on the right.

Time: 1:47:14
Calories: 1042
Max HR: 186 bpm
Avg HR: 155 bpm

Thoughts: I LOVED WORKING THE HEAT!!!! IM ADDICTED!!! But this morning (friday), I’m feeling it big time. Even more than Sunday’s 3 hour, 5 set workout. Blah. Tonight I have to do some recovery cardio 😦



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