Anyone who lives or has been to New England knows my frustration. Although, I’m sure just about everywhere has this issue: THE FUCKING WEATHER.

Rained all spring, was cold, overcast, sometimes we saw the sun but usually it’s during the work week, so it dosen’t really count and then BAM, first day of summer it’s fucking 100 degrees. REALLY GUY?!

Today is the same. 96 degrees currently. humid as fuck. It’s like stepping into a sauna with all your clothes on. We had plans, obviously, to do some tire flipping. However…I burn between 700-1100 cals each obstacle workout, and in this heat, it’s no bueno.

Depending on everyone’s mood and how hot it really is at 6:30pm, we may or may not go through with it. I don’t feel like passing out on a dirt field from heat exhaustion. Such a bummer.

We’ve done it in 85 degrees, and that was a shitty time. We got through it, even hungover, but literally hate wasting my energy. HOWEVER. Mother nature has decided that for the next few days, there will be tons of heat, humidity and thunder storms. See below and you’ll laugh.

Hey, I’m looking at it as more cardio time. I need to get my lungs back into order here. Back in my prime 125lb lean, size 3 days, I was running hills/trails 3 days a week, about 12-15 miles per week.
Also, doing 2 days of cardio with weights. I’m doing half that now. I know it’s because obstacle training takes such a huge amount of energy, but I need to push myself here.

I’ve started to get the cardio done in the AM now (I know right?!) 5am right here! Tuesday and Weds are the days I’m going to be doing AM cardio. Tuesday might be weights as well.

Mondays are mondays, and usually Chest/Triceps and abs are the best I can do after a 3 hour workout on Sundays…but maybe I’ll try to add at least 15 minutes of recovery cardio in there.

Also, I ordered the shirt below:

I may make my own, about tire flipping. Hehe, I’m an asshole. No seriously though, I have nothing against the elliptical. It’s total gym ego right there, but when you’re dead lifting and squatting, your ego tends to get as big as your ass.

I’ve gotta update my weekly workout post. Maybe I’ll also post some hot pictures of people cooling off. Buwahahhahaa


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