Hey guys, I’m alive!! I’ve been working my butt off, just really freaking busy. Still lifting, running and flipping tires 😉 I went to WI for work for a few days – that was constant flying and traveling, but I’m back now.

Few thoughts before I make a workout post. 

I’m quitting the office life. Yes, I’m sticking to my decision and worked the details out with my boss. My contract is officially done September 1st. I’m beyond excited. What will I do? I’m studying for my personal training certs and continuing to do free lancing. I’m slowly building my business. I’ve got money saved and making a nice little cushion for myself. I’m SO done sitting in an office wasting away and being so damn restless. I hate it. I can’t do it. I’m not made to just sit here. No more listening to what other people or what society thinks I should be doing.

Corey and I are looking for a place at the end of the year!! I’m beyond excited for that. We’ve been saving our money and really working towards our own place. In a few months, he will be able to go for his electrician license while hes working in the union. So proud!! He worked and went to school for 5 years to do this!!

My birthday is in 8 days, so we are heading north to NH for the weekend to celebrate. Lots of whiskey, fires, swimming and being in fresh air!! I love that place 🙂

It’s pretty amazing that at (almost) 23 years old, I’ve really begun to realize that only my close friends and family matter. Everyone else who just smiles and pretends to be “friendly” to you, will always be the first to let you down, screw you over, or just really be fucking shady. It’s actually liberating.
And with so many changes happening in my life, I’m finding out what exactly I want, and who I am because of it.

I don’t need to consistently prove myself to anyone. I don’t need to explain or reason and I don’t owe anyone anything.  I love the way my life is going, the choices I’m making..so frankly, kiss my ass.
I’m not a stripper, I don’t take a large amounts of meds to “stay normal”, I don’t need attention to feel good about myself, I don’t need validation, I don’t need a fancy car, I don’t need lots of shiny things or wealthy friends, I just need my friends, family, and my happiness.

Oh and flipping truck tires just makes me so happy. I’m not normal, and normal is typical. My motto has always been: “THE ONLY GOAL IS TO NEVER BE TYPICAL.”

Heres my official divorce from typical: a standard life. Fuck that.

Out of all the blood, sweat and tears I’ve shed over the passed several months, I have no more nightmares. I have no more bad, vivid dreams. I find myself smiling, laughing and having a great time despite everything. A lot of it is due to my supportive boyfriend & bestfriend, girl nights, my awesome mom and brother who are a couple of the strongest people I know, and family friends cheering me on because they genuinely want to see me succeed.

I look to my father everyday since he left and just hope that he is smiling down on me, I hope he’s proud. I hope he’s laughing with us and having a great time knowing his kids and wife are still going strong and have kept their love of life, despite his absence. He’s a big reason why I’m doing all this.
He gave me the strength to push forward and say “I’m doing what I WANT to do.” and give everyone else the middle finger. My dad wasn’t a saint, but he was a force to be reckoned with and always taught me to follow my heart.

Here it goes 🙂




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