This was my motto for the weekend. Friday was my night off from everything. Corey and I headed over to a friends, got pretty shitty, slept till 11am, vegged out, I went shopping with my girlfriend, got some more drinks and fell asleep to netflix around 11:30. DeAnna made me laugh the entire day and knocked down my anxiety. She cracks me up. We bought matching shirts, but shes tan and I freckle.

Corey got home around 7am the next morning and woke me up (just getting home because he also needed a let-loose weekend), we got ready and headed to the beach for the day.

Had a good time, spent it with the guys, they made me laugh and forget what Monday was going to be like. We sat in the sun, talked, went out for lunch, and then did OBSTACLE TRAINING!

Little update, I officially gave my current job my notice! It was a super hard decision, but I made peace with it and it needed to be done. At this point in my life, I’m young, I’m 22 and I don’t have to be settled into this office life if I don’t want to. I always thought that as long as I had financial stability, life would come together. But after my father passed away, things changed. Everyone knows life is short, we hear it everyday, but when something like that happens so fast, you wake up. Shit is WAAAAY too short to be sitting in an office everyday and working towards something you’re only half way okay with. I love the people and the brand, but sometimes things don’t always end up the way you initially thought they would.

Some people have different opinions, but the people around me, who love and support me is really what matters. I love my time with family and friends and I’m not going to sacrifice it all for a career.
People will have their opinions, but I’m going to love my life, not spend every moment of 8-10 hours a day wishing I was somewhere else.

On a sort of different note, I’m following my passion: fitness. I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

I don’t know what I’m going to do or how, but I’m going to start by getting my personal training certs, then go from there.



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