I’m dumb. I’ll say it again just to let you know I fully believe it…I’m dumb!

I worked out last night. Well. I tried. I needed to get all of the shit sitting in my lungs, out! I only did the obstacles about three times. My lungs were burning so I had to sit down and stop. But I didn’t get sicker!!! I feel a tiny bit better. I took some Nyquil after we came home, ate and showered. Corey went out with his friends and I did some laundry, and fell asleep.

I’m pretty sore today though, and my lungs were burning till I made some tea. Boyfriend came home, put all of our workout gear in the dryer and then headed to bed. Felt so good waking up this morning…until I took a deep breath and coughed away.

Here are the totals:
Time: 1:10:45
Calories: 462
Max HR: 170
Avg HR: 126

Tonight is definitely a night off. Heading to the movies to see the Avengers with Cor. 🙂 But I cannot wait to get back into my routine on Sunday!!!!


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