I HATE SLEEPING. It wastes valuable time I could be spending on other shit. But since it’s a part of life, I’ll just say now, I’m exhausted. Not sure why. I get at least 8 hours every night, sometimes 9 or 10.  And I’m still tired this week. No amount of coffee or naps help.

Being this tired is not good because I have to walk/job 20 miles Sunday…yeeepp. Its for a fundraiser. Excited, but not. Hopefully it doesn’t rain…or be like 100 degrees. Knowing New England it could do both during the time it will take to finish it.

I FINALLY FOUND MY HR STRAP!! I got lazy posting stats because its just not as fulfulling without knowing the time, calories and HR….but I haven’t had a day off since last friday, so today is one! But instead of going home and sleeping, I’m going out for drinks with some friends. Not too much though…seriously, after Sunday – never again.

I’m still here, still working and still kicking ass!


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